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“Use the Force to concentrate, Luke. The Force and noise-canceling headphones.”
“Once we’re in, Frank will get the TV remote, Eddie will grab the phone charger, and Ace—you’ll be on Tupperware lids.”
“The beheading only made him meaner.”
“It’s been a stressful school year.”
“So the buttons, beads, rings, nuts, keys, bolts, and baubles go in the offshore account, and we’ll report the nail.”
“We need to replace our mission statement with an excuse.”
“I thought we’d decided on the gold-leaf pattern.”
“I haven’t finished saying no yet.”
“Good evening, and welcome to the Situation Room.”
“They were apparently more advanced than we thought.”
“I told you it was too soon to ride the subway.”
“Now don’t do anything flashy with the money, like pay off all your student loans at once.”
“Wait—we can vote?”