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“Too soon?”
“How come an algorithm can figure out what I want for my birthday, but you still think I want a blender?”
“Psst! Would you mind giving me a hand with the last brick?”
“Remember—this meeting never happened, we never met, and you never wore that tie with that jacket.”
“How soon after the summer ends can we start to complain about not taking full advantage of the summer?”
“Does it trouble you that he’s started putting the word ‘Constitution’ in air quotes?”
“What really worries me is what’s going to happen when they take him off the steroids.”
“The numbers don’t lie—we have accountants to do that.”
“They say at least 80 percent of us are wearing the wrong size.”
“I feel kind of bad for 2021. We’re putting an awful lot of pressure on it.”
“I’m going to need your room cleaned by end of day.”
“Today on The Godcast, what if I told you ‘commandments’ were more like ‘suggestments’?”
“We used to be a nation of laws.”
“I want a divorce, dinner’s ready, and I’m shrinking. Let me know if any of that piques your interest.”
“That ends what experiment?”
“One leg at a time, Mr. Vance.”
“I said I’m sorry.”