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“All of our wines are, like, totally chuggable.”
“It’s for ‘judgmental.’”
“I’m French.”
“Oh, just put it anywhere.”
“Tell us where the bodies are buried and then we’ll discuss a Netflix special.”
“Hey—make sure the mask covers his nose.”
“Nice to see him getting landmark status.”
“Is this worse? Or is this worse?”
“Try ‘moonguest’ again with a capital M.”
“It’s official. The middle ground has now become fringe territory.”
“I used to shoot first and ask questions later, but now I start with the questions.”
“You’re supposed to put the air holes in the top of the box.”
“It turns out he’s been speaking in word salad all along. He was able to hide it during his lengthy career as an art critic.”
“We’ve concluded that an alarming percentage of the population are experiencing involuntary eye-rolling at the word ‘inclusion.’”
“Frankenstein is my father’s name. Please, call me Monster.”
“Will you please stop acting like my mother except for the laundry and food and cleaning and stuff?!!”