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The Light Side of the Moon Space Force is a bit like The Office but in outer space. Best of all? Steve Carell returns to comedy

Is Unorthodox Inauthentic? A dissenting take on the popular Netflix mini-series, one among a growing genre of escape-from-Judaism stories

May 19, 2020

The #uck of the Irish The sex-soaked mini-series Normal People gets people horny for Ireland

How to Build a Movie Star Beanie Feldstein is irresistible as a high-schooler who leaps onto the masthead of a high-profile music magazine

Paris, When It Sizzles The director of La La Land and Whiplash returns with his newest project: a love song to music, set in a French jazz club

The Gold Standard Is 1962 secretly the greatest year ever for movies?

The Pumping Station Ryan Murphy’s new series is a seamy fantasy of postwar Hollywood—and the garage owner who serviced the stars

Movieland’s Most Threatening Cliff-Hanger A pandemic has shut down the dream factory. Will it survive? As the weeks grind on, some fear it may not

Catch-007? In 1965, Joseph Heller was hired to adapt Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. For sheer absurdity, his script was no match for events

Smut and Vinegar One company’s mission to restore vintage pornography and rare genre films gives new meaning to the word “artisan”

Isobel Waller-Bridge The musician talks about scoring the film Emma; her sister, Phoebe; and what kind of sounds suit a hot priest

Read Any Good TV Lately? Even when shows are in English, more and more viewers choose to watch with captioning. So, what’s the story?

A Vlog to Remember Anne Frank’s diary is retold as a YouTube video about a teenager in hiding from the Nazis

Can Normal People Make It on TV? Fans worship Sally Rooney as the voice of a generation. But will her best-seller translate to TV?

All Hail Tiger King! It’s the strangest, weirdest documentary in ages—and in this strange, weird moment gives us what we crave: fun

March 31, 2020

Drawn and Quartered On the 40th anniversary of Yes Minister, the wickedly great caricaturist looks back on the creation of those iconic opening credits

Nu in Town Eli Rosen, Hollywood’s Yiddish consultant, on the set of Unorthodox in Berlin

Screen Time The shows to watch in the coming weeks, from a rejuvenated take on Project Runway to an L.A. detective series

March 24, 2020

Rub Your Tummy, Mr. Blofeld? Is Daniel Craig the world’s oldest rent boy, or just promoting the new (and rescheduled) James Bond?

Back to the Drawing Room Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes on why his new period drama, Belgravia, is darker than its predecessor

Return of the Puppet Masters Satire reborn: Spitting Image will be back. Stars, politicians, and royals beware

Lexi Underwood The 16-year-old Little Fires Everywhere actress isn’t like the other girls

Too Close for Comfort In HBO’s The Plot Against America, from the Philip Roth novel, the present-day parallels are profoundly disturbing