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Winning Formula Just like Tom Cruise hurling through the sky with more than twice the g-forces some astronauts endure during rocket launches, it will be real races and real cars for Brad Pitt in the Top Gun: Maverick director’s next film

Candid Camera Lawrence Osborne reveals the inspiration behind his novel The Forgiven, whose screen adaptation premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival next week

Political Clout After a nine-year hiatus, the prescient Danish drama Borgen and its lead character, Birgitte Nyborg, have a lot to say

Cruise Control A Royal Air Force navigator steers us into the Top Gun sequel’s aviation mistakes

The Revolving Staircase The true story behind the HBO Max drama The Staircase takes yet another disturbing step

Monica Barbaro Top Gun: Maverick’s sole female pilot talks learning stunts from Tom Cruise

Lucy Boynton The Bohemian Rhapsody and Politician actress plays a Cold War–era spy in her latest role

A Welcome Russian Invasion The director and Putin critic Kirill Serebrennikov spent the last few years in detainment. Now he’s back at Cannes with a new film—and a lot more to say about his homeland

Talk of the Town The team behind Normal People returns with Sally Rooney’s literary debut, Conversations with Friends

Alison Oliver For her first on-screen role, the Irish actress is cast in Conversations with Friends

Confessions of a 10-Percenter With the arrival of the English version of Call My Agent!, a real one shares tales of what life is really like behind the screams

Lydia Leonard The actress reprises Camille Cottin’s role in Ten Percent, the British remake of the hit French show Call My Agent!

Tom Blyth The British actor went from sidewalk charity campaigner to the star of a new series on Billy the Kid

In the U.K., L.A. Sells Why do Brits love Selling Sunset, the tacky reality-TV show set in L.A.’s most ostentatious neighborhoods?

Love in the Time of Colanders On air for 11 seasons, Frasier made David Hyde Pierce a household name, and now he’s back on TV as chef Julia Child’s adoring husband

Noémie Merlant The French actress is breaking into Hollywood the same way she stormed Paris from the provinces

A New Gold Mine for Movie-Lovers Fun City Editions gives fans access to long-out-of-circulation treasures

Simon Rex The former MTV V.J. went from a botched Good Will Hunting audition to a failed rap career. His new film, Red Rocket, is something of a comeback

The Robin Hood of Art How did a British taxi driver abscond with a Goya masterpiece through a National Gallery toilet window? A new film starring Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent has the answer

The Greatest Showman With a combined box office of $27 billion from his films, 73-year-old Samuel L. Jackson is the highest-grossing actor of all time—and maybe the most outspoken

All About Andy The former editor of Warhol’s Interview magazine on what Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series, The Andy Warhol Diaries, gets right and wrong

Jayme Lawson Since graduating from Juilliard, the young actress has gone from an Off Broadway performance to The Batman. Next up: a young Michelle Obama

Medieval Chivalry for the Modern World Director Joe Wright’s new anti-musical musical adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac has shades of his own off-screen love triangle

Isabel May Ahead of Sunday’s 1883 finale, the Hollywood starlet looks onward