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Department of Complaints

Preaching to the Choir Meghan Markle’s podcast is back, and it’s just as pious and self-aggrandizing as ever


Joining “the Firm” An aspiring journalist from New Delhi gets a private tour of Kensington Palace—his new girlfriend’s childhood home

The Harry Diaries

The Heir and the Spare Britain’s royal soap opera continues …


Remembering Queen Elizabeth II Whether one spent time with her in person or knew her only through her portraits, her warmth was always present

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Air Mail Diary

Netflix to Harry and Meghan: You Work for Us, You Know And other strange news about these curious days …

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School for Scandal

Rock Bottom In Monaco, a shadow war is raging between Prince Albert and a billionaire developer that features dirty tricks, a mysterious whistleblower, and death on the winding roads

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Catching Flack

A Tale of Two Royal Households When King Charles had bad news, his communications chief put on a master class in damage control. If only Kate had done the same

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That 70s Movie Largely improvised by an unruly teenage cast, the 1970 black-and-white film Bronco Bullfrog gets a shiny new restoration

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Air Mail Diary

The Further Adventures of the Heir and the Spare And other strange news about these curious days …

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Queen’s Gambit

Sloane Alone Turns out there’s no etiquette guide on how to behave when your wife leaves you to become the Queen of England

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The World According to Harry Written like an exceedingly long, drunken text message, and opening with a phrase from BrainyQuote, Spare is anything but the typical royal memoir

A Look Back

All in a Lather The 1970s gave us Herbal Essences, Flex, and Lemon Up shampoo. But 50 years later, we can’t stop thinking about the one scented with musk and bubble gum

Little Britain

Blueblood Banks If you don’t want your money mingling with that of the common man, get thee to a private bank

The Royals

Fool’s Gold Still angling to have his royal status reinstated, Prince Andrew can’t take the hint

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The Jewel Is The Crown Even though Season Five of Netflix’s hit series is a laughable portrait of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the show’s critics will keep watching

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Terroir Incognita How a plucky couple from Chicago put England on the wine-making map

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Riding the Royal Coattails Do you have questions about the coronation? Hugo Vickers has answers

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Small Talk

The Clown Prince Post-Jubilee, Harry reports back to Netflix*

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The Seated Queen Moisturize

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The Italian Coast

The Genoa Revival The port city on Italy’s northwest coast has a stunning, fresco-clad history, and big plans for the future


The Attention-Whore Index Kim Kardashian is polluting, Elon Musk is brooding, and Donald Trump is feuding. (Surprise!) Plus, the strangest news from across the world

Air Mail Diary

Controversy over The Crown (the Show, Not Charles) And other strange news about these curious days …

Tempest in a Martini Glass

Owning the Lits Fringe scholars have long argued that Shakespeare wasn’t really Shakespeare. So why has it suddenly become an article of faith among young conservatives?

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