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The Robespierre of Lafayette Street The director who first staged The Normal Heart remembers the many-sided activist-playwright Larry Kramer

Siegfried Meir Taken to Auschwitz at eight, he turned his awful experience into a source of inspiration for others

Natale Rusconi A master at tending to V.I.P.’s from Princess Margaret to Maria Callas, he transformed the Hotel Cipriani into one of the jet set’s premier destinations

Miranda, Countess of Stockton When she married Peter Sellers, at 23, her two Pekingese dogs (Tabitha and Tomasina) served as bridesmaids

Mort Drucker For 55 years, the Mad-magazine illustrator was, as George Lucas said, the “Leonardo da Vinci of comic satire”

“Nipper” Read In the 1960s, he took down the Kray twins, Swinging London’s most ruthless gangsters—and helped solve the Great Train Robbery

Wait, That Was True? An American veteran confirms a British W.W. II soldier’s outlandish account of being the first to liberate Paris from the Nazis

Harry Hamilton The British soldier who claimed he got lost and liberated Paris by accident

Albert Uderzo Illustrator and co-creator of the walrus-moustached Asterix the Gaul, who represented “the revenge of the little guy”

A Pen for All Seasons A collection of letters belonging to the late Philip Poole, owner of a storied London pen-nib store, is an ode to the art of craftsmanship

March 19, 2020

Ailsa Maxwell The economics student turned codebreaker was on duty when Germany’s unconditional surrender came over the wire in May of 1945

Peregrine Pollen Brilliant, curious, and gifted, the Oxford-born art-world character ran Sotheby Parke-Bernet

Nell Gifford Re-inventor of the English circus

February 26, 2020

Guy Arnold Explorer, prolific travel writer, cat-lover, and host of lavish dinner parties

Peter Serkin, 1947–2020 The pianist known for seamlessly connecting classic and contemporary elements in his work died on February 1 at the age of 72

February 8, 2020

Werner Doehner The last survivor of the Hindenburg disaster

Nancy Lewis A charming, tenacious music-biz publicist who established Monty Python in the United States

How to Be Cool and Warm at Once The irreplaceable publisher Sonny Mehta, who died on December 30, possessed the rare ability to unite style and sincerity

Maurice Bailey Lost at sea with his wife in 1973. The couple survived on a raft for 117 days

John Lorimer A war hero who survived a seemingly hopeless mission to eliminate a Nazi warship with a midget submarine

Lucette Destouches Céline’s muse tended to the author’s rather complicated legacy during 58 years of widowhood

Split Waterman Charismatic, risk-taking, gun- and gold-smuggling motorcycle star lived on the edge

Keith Schellenberg The reliably colorful laird of Eigg who married often and liked to view the world from an open-top Bentley

Terry O’Neill The photographer who once wanted to be a priest captured Swinging London’s cultural revolution in the 1960s