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Marianne Mantell

With $1,500 in savings, she started a recording company that paved the way for the billion-dollar audiobook business

Walter Mirisch

Raised in the era of silent movies, the Some Like It Hot producer, whose films won 28 Oscars, started out as an usher in a New Jersey theater

Eugene Lee

The theater, film, and TV designer was with Saturday Night Live from its inception, in 1975, to this month

Barbara Walters

When the pioneering female journalist interviewed the Shah of Iran, she fearlessly challenged his views on women

Dame Frances Campbell-Preston

Harry Mount remembers his cousin, the Queen Mother’s oldest surviving lady-in-waiting

Derek Granger

Remembering the former Royal Navy officer who forged a singular career as a TV producer behind the Emmy-winning Brideshead Revisited and other hits

The Real Loretta Lynn

When I joined the late country singer on her tour bus, I got an earful—and a very different picture of country music than the one I had in my head

Bull Terriers on Parade

George Booth’s cartoons didn’t punch up or down but elbowed gently to the side

Douglas McGrath

After an early job at S.N.L., the high-spirited playwright and filmmaker went on to write the book for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and co-write the screenplay for Bullets over Broadway

A Woman for All Seasons

Angela Lansbury was a loyal friend, a generous castmate, and a surprisingly good baker

Just Another Revolution

A director and producer at the vanguard of New Hollywood, Bob Rafelson infused his films with real life—and his life with high adventure

Tim Page

Shot four times, the courageous British photojournalist was the inspiration for Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now, and his powerful imagery captured the horrors of war

Bill Russell

As the winner of 11 N.B.A. titles and the first Black head coach in a U.S. major league, the basketball star broke barriers on the court and off

Michel David-Weill

For 25 years, the French-born investment banker directed Wall Street’s most prestigious firm with the touch of an enlightened monarch

Duncan Hannah

The acclaimed artist, writer, and AIR MAIL contributor is remembered by two of his friends

Micky Burn

The W.W. II British P.O.W. saved the life of a girl who became one of Hollywood’s greatest leading ladies

Dirck Halstead

From Saigon’s fall to Reagan’s shooting to Monicagate, the photographer was at the center of history as it happened

A Publisher and a Gentleman

Jason Epstein, a co-founder of The New York Review of Books, always seemed to know everything—and be everywhere

Jody Gibson. Or, to Some of You Cads, “Babydol”

In the 90s, she ran Hollywood’s most elite—and, perhaps, most expensive—prostitution ring

Patricia Hitchcock

She had a crush on Laurence Olivier and appeared in Psycho and Strangers on a Train. Being the daughter of the Master of Suspense had its perks


The photographer escaped the devastation of postwar Japan to create surreal images of indelible beauty

Stories We Tell

The most erudite man in Italy, Roberto Calasso lived for literature—and re-invented it

Heaven on Earth

Before Ann Russell Miller entered the convent, she was a swinging socialite in San Francisco

Eva Sereny

From Fellini to Brando to Burton and Taylor, the self-taught photographer captured stars in intimate on-set shots