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C. J. Sansom

The Scottish author created a new genre of literature—historical crime—and sold more than two million copies of his captivating Shardlake series

Ira von Fürstenberg

A princess by birth, the Italian socialite, who modeled and acted, sashayed between aristocratic, jet-set, and show-business worlds

Edward Jay Epstein

The investigative journalist made a career of questioning accepted narratives, from the Kennedy assassination to the Black Panthers to the diamond industry

Jane Birkin

Born in England and adopted by France—the singer, model, and muse, as seen through the eyes of her longtime friend and compeer

Al Jaffee

The ingenious Mad-magazine cartoonist was as quick-witted and irreverent in person as he was on paper

Marina Cicogna

The Italian countess transcended her gilded background to become Europe’s first major female film producer

Larry Fink

The great photographer, who died last week, left behind a treasure trove of penetrating, perturbing images

Bob Mack

Charming, brilliant, and contrarian in his tastes, the Spy reporter and editor of the Beastie Boys’ magazine, Grand Royal, was as lovable as he was unreliable

Tim Wakefield

The pitcher for the Boston Red Sox left his mark on the sport with a perfect knuckleball and profound relatability

Last Round at Margaritaville

Some of Jimmy Buffett’s friends remember the man who had many


Edward Sexton, who died this week, gave bespoke suits the right amount of flair—and just might have saved Savile Row

The Je Ne Sais Quoi of Jane Birkin

A lifetime of photographs pays tribute to the French-British actress and singer who inspired the iconic handbag

Julian Sands

The actor imbued his performances across screen and stage, from James Ivory’s A Room with a View to John Malkovich’s A Celebration of Harold Pinter, with the same zeal he brought to his life

Glenda Jackson

The fearless stage-and-screen actress reached stardom in the 70s with Women in Love, A Touch of Class, and Elizabeth R, and continued performing until the end

Françoise Gilot

Picasso’s muse and lover who left him after 10 abusive years continued a successful career as an artist and memoirist in her own right

The Bookman Goeth

Nobody read more—or faster—than Robert Gottlieb

Strange Bedfellows

Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s studies of human sexuality required many eager test subjects. One—the cult writer and filmmaker Kenneth Anger—became an unlikely lifelong friend

Bruce McCall

With his deadpan surrealism, superior wit, and perfect timing, the satirical artist and writer left an indelible mark on everything he touched, from National Lampoon to The New Yorker and Vanity Fair

Barry Humphries

John Lahr remembers the vivacious comedian whose profound observations about life both shocked and delighted audiences for almost seven decades

A Man in Full

As a stylist, artist, photographer, and filmmaker, Michael Roberts defied convention at every turn

Marianne Mantell

With $1,500 in savings, she started a recording company that paved the way for the billion-dollar audiobook business

Walter Mirisch

Raised in the era of silent movies, the Some Like It Hot producer, whose films won 28 Oscars, started out as an usher in a New Jersey theater

Eugene Lee

The theater, film, and TV designer was with Saturday Night Live from its inception, in 1975, to this month

Barbara Walters

When the pioneering female journalist interviewed the Shah of Iran, she fearlessly challenged his views on women