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Issue No. 68

The View from Here Be my guest: it’s really quite simple …

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The Biden Touch He wears his heart where every Scranton native does: on his sleeve. Thank God

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Did You Hear About … ? Quirky news for these rather curious days

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Cruel Brittania Why on earth does Boris Johnson want to tune out the BBC?

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The King and They Blinged-out Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand is losing his God-like status as protesters march in the streets

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The AIR MAIL Podcast In this week’s episode, Ashley and Mike talk to Scott Z. Burns, the writer of Contagion. They also get the story behind a WeWork-related short film starring Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin

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All Joking Aside In France, comic books tell serious stories. And, sometimes, they kill

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Prince Andrew’s Vanity on Full Display He’s got a new Range Rover and a personalized license plate. (No, it’s not WANKR)

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I, Coronavirus Trump’s real running mate takes a stand

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Art House As director of Newlands House, a quiet British-countryside gallery, the former Phillips auctioneer organizes an exhibition of works by Ron Arad

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If Trump Had Been Our World War II President Down the rabbit hole of a retro-history nightmare

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Small Talk
“Psst! Would you mind giving me a hand with the last brick?”

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Rupert Bear’s Royal Stamp The 100th anniversary of a British comic strip that inspired Paul McCartney and Monty Python’s Terry Jones

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The Secret Histories Collectors and voyeurs vie for other people’s diaries

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Maria Bakalova The 24-year-old whom Rudy Giuliani couldn’t keep his hands off of—and who almost stole the Borat sequel

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(Box) Office Flop A lavish short film starring WeWork C.E.O. Adam Neumann’s infamous wife, Rebekah, was a harbinger of things to come

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That Was Then Remembering when the fusion of fashion and society made London’s Beauchamp Place the place to be

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Small Talk
“How come an algorithm can figure out what I want for my birthday, but you still think I want a blender?”
Open Book

Social Exposures Camilla McGrath’s photographs of Jackie Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Carrie Fisher, Truman Capote, and others depict worlds colliding


Battle of Brothers: William and Harry—The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult

by Robert Lacey
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A World Beneath the Sands: The Golden Age of Egyptology

by Toby Wilkinson
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Murder, They Wrote

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Noah Jupe The star of this month’s The Undoing has six years of acting under his belt. For a 15-year-old, that’s saying a lot

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Zen and the Kitchen Arts of Nigella Lawson She’s back, with a cookbook (and life wisdom) for these times

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Small Talk
“Too soon?”

Polar Express

Given the huge amount of land that the Arctic covers, it’s a wonder we know so little about it. People have lived there for 30,000 years, yet it wasn’t until 1909 that the first person reached the North Pole (no, not Robert Perry, but his partner on the expedition, the Black explorer Matthew Henson, recently the subject of a show at London’s Marian Goodman Gallery). A new exhibition at the British Museum explores the rich history of the Arctic’s frozen landscapes and its indigenous communities as well as the threat of climate change, clear as day for populations accustomed to spending their lives on solid ice. READ ON

Kiliii Yuyan’s Umiaq and North Wind During Spring Whaling is included in “Arctic: Culture and Climate,” on at the British Museum, in London, until February.

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Issue No. 68
October 31, 2020
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Issue No. 68
October 31, 2020

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