At 15 years old, Noah Jupe has already helped Shia LaBeouf exorcise his demons, learned sign language with Emily Blunt, watched Christian Bale drive one of the fastest racing cars of all time, and thwarted Matt Damon’s plans to murder his own wife. Born and raised in North London, Jupe has built one of the strongest résumés in Hollywood, all before graduating high school.

Currently quarantining in London after returning from the Detroit-based set of Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, a 1950s crime drama, Jupe is awaiting the release of A Quiet Place Part II. “We got on set, and they’d held on to the jumper—you know, that classic jumper, the gray one with the pattern,” which Jupe’s character, Marcus, wears. “And I tried it on, and it was way too tight. I looked terrible,” says Jupe, who was 12 when he started filming.