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Max Hastings

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Stands to Treason

A look back at the 1945 trial of Philippe Pétain, France’s World War II–era head of state who was accused of plotting to overthrow democracy

Motherless Russia

Playing for Both Teams

Notes from Underground

The Empires Strike Back

Filthy Rich

Guilt Trip

Rough Riders

A Tale of Three Sisters

Articles of War

Spy Games

Cruel Brittania

Why on earth does Boris Johnson want to tune out the BBC?

Germany Works

Live at the Front

Vera Lynn’s torch songs were not high art, but they kept up morale among the rank-and-file British soldiers fighting W.W. II

How the West Was Won

The View from There

The Great Plague Diaries

Samuel Pepys’s 1665 account of life in London ravaged by bubonic plague is all too familiar in 2020

License to Burn

An Open Letter to Harry and Meghan

A distinguished historian and former newspaper editor offers the Canada-bound couple a bit of advice (which he knows will go unheeded)