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John Ficarra

24 results

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

What can Nikki Haley teach us about the solar system? And the Republican Party?

What a Gas!

Quick-fire answers to all your pressing questions about the Chinese spy balloon

It’s a Smaller World

Those we lost in 2022—a special Disney remembrance

A Furshlugginer Great Boss

The life of William M. Gaines, Mad magazine’s unmistakable publisher, was as large as the man himself

Handy Halloween Hacks

With a few minor tweaks, you can recycle an old costume into something more timely

“Anyone Seen the Beefeater Gin Guy?”

Queen Elizabeth headed one of the world’s biggest brands. It’s only right that advertising heads of state come to mourn her

Scooby Dooby Do …

Why go to Elvis chapels in Vegas when Frank Sinatra can perform the ring-a-ding-ding for you?

Wade’s World

A state-by-state breakdown of new laws being proposed in a post–Roe v. Wade era

Disney Is Not Mickey Mousing Around

Revealed: the Magic Kingdom’s secret plans to retaliate against Florida governor Ron DeSantis

The Lost Fans of CNN+

Management snuffed the new network after 32 days. Yet there were plenty of fans out there!

Pass the Word

Netflix lowers the boom on oversharing

Tampa vs. Albany

The startling similarities and eerie differences between Tom Brady and Andrew Cuomo

My Din-Din with Gaga

Climate Change

10 chilling predictions about global warming

Heart Burns

Valentine candies with a message 4 U

Where Have You Gone, Bill de Blasio?

New York City’s former mayor decided not to run for governor, maybe because he had these losers behind him

The View from Here

Good-bye to all that

Holiday Tips

A guide to coronavirus-season gratuities

A Merry Coronavirus Christmas

A warning from Santa Claus before he climbs onto his sleigh

Miserly Musketeer

The co-creator of Tesla and founder of SpaceX shares his money-saving tips

Space Cadet

William Shatner goes where no actor has gone before

Cuomo in Exile

Home alone, the disgraced former governor of New York has a very busy daily to-do list

Taking a Vaxxation

Here’s why so many Americans are unwilling to get a shot

Fool’s Paradigm

Gloomy Gus, Shrinking Violet, and friends mourn the death of Good-Time Charlie