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A Classic Is Born

Weathering the Storm

The Pulitzer Prize–winning author and critic Michiko Kakutani discusses disruptive politics, the technology of the future, and her new book, The Great Wave

Romancing the Twitter Bro

The untold story of the lengths to which Twitter founder Jack Dorsey went to sway his company’s acquisition in Elon Musk’s favor

Spy Games

Comeback King

Two new biographies of King Charles mark a return to good old-fashioned royal journalism

Spin Doctor

How libertarians’ efforts to deregulate the health-care system has given rise to dubious doctors with dangerous medical advice

Murder, They Wrote

This month, a sterling trifecta of books by men who don’t underestimate a woman with a badge

Making the Whole

Unfriendly Envoys

A Voice in the Wilderness

A look at Cândido Mariano da Silva Rondon, the 20th-century Brazilian general, pacifist, and Amazonian explorer

A St. Swithin’s Day Surprise

The author behind One Day details how fatherhood and getting older inspired his best-seller, which he’s helped turn into a Netflix series

The Art-World Underbelly

The Truth in Search of Itself

One Thing Ledes to Another

The longtime New Yorker writer Calvin Trillin discusses his early years in journalism, humor in the Internet era, and his new essay collection, The Lede

Magnum Opus

A new book celebrates the history and legacy of the Magnum Photos cooperative with work by Eve Arnold, Werner Bischof, René Burri, Martin Parr, and Alessandra Sanguinetti

The Culture of Revolution

Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a biography of a pioneering classicist, a reissued novel about a secret World War II mission, and an account of the Russian Civil War

Down the Rabbit Hole

Free Spirit

Live from Laurel Canyon

A new book of photographs by Henry Diltz chronicles the story of the band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America’s own Beatles

The Mahabharata of Literary Festivals

Forget glitchy microphones and cheap white wine. The Jaipur Literature Festival is the biggest and best of its kind in the world

Review Bombers

The influential, Amazon-owned Web site Goodreads has been infiltrated by scammers and trolls extorting authors and destroying careers—largely targeting Black and L.G.B.T.Q.+ writers. So what now?

Churchill’s Circle

Outside the Map

How George Kennan’s excellent prose opened doors for all types of writing, from war reporting to investigative work in Russia