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The High and Low By day, Miriam Leslie was a titan of publishing and the perfect model of the Victorian lady. By night, she was the seductress behind a memorable ménage à trois

Bridging the Gap Julia Quinn, the woman behind the novels that inspired the hit Netflix TV show Bridgerton, discusses the screen adaptation of her Regency romance

March 23, 2022

The Soros Cosmos Edited by George Soros’s longtime publisher and friend, a new collection of essays tells the life story of the financier turned philanthropist

March 23, 2022

The Id of Ali G In an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, Judd Apatow talks with Sacha Baron Cohen about the origins of Borat, Ali G, and his other creations

Libraries of Dreams A new volume compiles photographs of the world’s oldest and most groundbreaking book collections

Staff Picks Don’t miss a self-help guide from a former MTV V.J., a collection of interviews with women over 50, and a captivating book about our shrinking attention span

March 16, 2022

A Turn-of-the-Century Patricia Highsmith The modernist writer Katherine Mansfield offended everyone from T. S. Eliot to E. M. Forster. Her fiction was so witty that the literary world forgave her

March 16, 2022

Trading Places The little-known story of Otto Skorzeny, the Führer’s favorite commando leader turned Israeli spy

The Making of Caitlyn A former Vanity Fair editor tells how one of the biggest magazine stories ever—on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn—came to be

Second Sight A New York Times Opinion writer comes to terms with a partial loss of vision

Donald Trump, Party Crasher Dana Brown was plucked from his bartending post to work at Vanity Fair in its golden era. One of his jobs was manning the door at dinner parties—and keeping the uninvited out

Keeping Mum Maria Montessori is best known for her pioneering educational theory. Here, a look at her little-known, long-secret role as a mother

March 2, 2022