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Instant Classic

How to steal a million antiques

Where Have You Gone, Bill de Blasio?

New York City’s former mayor decided not to run for governor, maybe because he had these losers behind him

Heart Burns

Valentine candies with a message 4 U

Oligarch Helpline

Yachts being scuttled, accounts being frozen, sniggers at Sexy Fish. Russian autocrats are people, too. And right now, they need assistance

Climate Change

10 chilling predictions about global warming

My Din-Din with Gaga

Potemkin War Room

Putin advisers tiptoe their way through the minefields in the Kremlin

Tampa vs. Albany

The startling similarities and eerie differences between Tom Brady and Andrew Cuomo

Fifth Ave. Pied-à-Terror

Correspondence reveals Vladimir Putin’s plan to annex unlisted properties on New York’s Upper East Side

Pass the Word

Netflix lowers the boom on oversharing

The Lost Fans of CNN+

Management snuffed the new network after 32 days. Yet there were plenty of fans out there!

Disney Is Not Mickey Mousing Around

Revealed: the Magic Kingdom’s secret plans to retaliate against Florida governor Ron DeSantis

Putin on the Ritz

As Vladimir and his cohort prepare to paint the town—or at least the square—red, they call upon the hostess with the mostess to be their social czar

When Harry Met WeSpeak

Who spoke the woke salad first? Prince Harry, WeWork’s co-grifter Rebekah Neumann, or … ?

Tucker Carlson, Hollywood Sensitivity Coach?

What if the Fox News host switched jobs?

Wade’s World

A state-by-state breakdown of new laws being proposed in a post–Roe v. Wade era

Common Enemies

What if Vladimir asked Elon to team up?

Fame Monster

Top royal-watcher Tina Brown has V.I.P., front-row, all-access passes to the Queen of England. Ish ...

The Coaster Correspondence 2.0

Ned Coaster, brother of Ed, gives AIR MAIL’s editors some invaluable advice

The Clown Prince

Post-Jubilee, Harry reports back to Netflix*

From Dame to Musk*

Scooby Dooby Do …

Why go to Elvis chapels in Vegas when Frank Sinatra can perform the ring-a-ding-ding for you?


“Excerpts” from Ginni Thomas’s e-mails attempting to overturn the 2020 election …

Josh Hawley Is Writing to Remind You He’s Not a Total Pussy

The scurrying senator from the Show-Me State has a big, manly-man book in the works