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Murder, They Wrote

This month’s best mystery books range from murder in Edith Wharton’s New York to the notorious 2003 Alperton Angels cult case

DeSantis’s Demise

Chez Karl

A look inside the many homes of Karl Lagerfeld, from Paris to Rome, Biarritz to Lake Champlain

Stories of Survival

A journalist chronicles present-day Lebanon’s turbulence—from the 2020 port explosion to its current financial crisis—from the perspective of women

Scaling “Mount Proust”

After reading all 3,200 pages of In Search of Lost Time, one editor explains what critics—including Cormac McCarthy—got wrong about the masterpiece

“War, Tribes, and Camels Without End”

Garry Winogrand in Color

A new book collects rarely seen color work by the master of postwar American street photography, from the bustling byways of Manhattan to the shaded underside of Coney Island’s boardwalk

When the Music’s Over

Keeping It Real

How an art journalist challenged the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board—and incidentally revealed many of its secrets

The Pace of Peace

On Top of the World

A new coffee-table book offers a delightful guide to Alpine travel across France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany

Un-Balancing the Books

Succession, Royals-Style

Side Effects

Neuroscientist Candace Pert’s pioneering medical research was meant to help end drug addiction. Instead, Big Pharma used it to create opioids

English History on LSD

Dispatch from Dickens World

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Advance

Publishers are handing out six-figure book deals to young, debut authors. How long can the bubble last if nearly all of them are losing money?

The Ginsberg Files

Soviet Sojourn

A new coffee-table book collects photographs of dachas, colorful cottages that have dotted the Russian countryside since the 18th century

All That Jazz—and More

A never-before-seen early scrapbook belonging to Ella Fitzgerald sheds fresh light on the jazz singer who transformed American music

For the Love of Words

AIR MAIL’s Best Coffee-Table Books of 2023

Dazzling volumes on Karl Lagerfeld’s homes, vintage cars, and an artists’ amusement park, plus photography collections from Mary Ellen Mark, Lee Miller, and Nick Waplington, and a cookbook or two

Confessions of a Yakuza Boss

The Tokyo Vice author, whose new book, The Last Yakuza, is out now, details how he won—and kept—the trust of Japan’s Mafia

Murder, They Wrote

A pair of rollicking mystery books to get you in the holiday spirit. Plus, the best Christmas episodes of ITV’s beloved Midsomer Murders