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Postcards from the Edge

In her memoir, Tanya Frank writes candidly about dealing with her son’s psychotic break

Kinky Roots

For the Love of Woodrow

On Thin Ice

Climate change is forcing many Americans to make the difficult decision between leaving their home and risking their safety

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a reflection on the state of journalism, a memoir from a former Metropolitan Museum of Art security guard, and the story of a molecular biologist’s fight against sexism

Palm Beach Living

A new coffee-table book surveys the architects and interior designers behind some of the island’s most beautiful homes—and the people who lived in them, from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Lilly Pulitzer

End of Empire

A Different Kind of Gold Digger

The Real Karl Lagerfeld

Behind the tailored suits, powdered ponytail, and cutting quips was a warm, funny, and sensitive private persona


Match Made in Helsinki

A former Moscow correspondent reveals how the Helsinki Accords of 1975 have shaped the world’s response to the war in Ukraine

William Klein’s World

A new coffee-table book pays tribute to the photographer whose unconventional style helped revive a staid industry

The Preston Sturges Story

From the Arctic to Hollywood, with Stops Along the Way

In 1932, MGM set out to adapt a book by Peter Freuchen for the screen. The result was more chaotic than any of the Arctic explorer’s expeditions

Murder, They Wrote

New mystery books offering up exhilarating blasts from the past will help combat the winter blues

When a Writer Loves a Writer

Rocking the Boat

The Christina O, Aristotle Onassis’s yacht, is remembered as Jackie O’s fabulous hangout. In reality, the former First Lady gave the shabby boat the air of glamour

Eating Their Words

Fresh, Fly, Fabulous!

A new coffee-table book chronicles 50 years of hip-hop style, from Queen Latifah to Dapper Dan, Slick Rick to Run-DMC

Magnate for Trouble

The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

Nearly 175 years on, the writer’s death remains as mysterious as his literature. A new book reveals the roles of a jealous poet and a conniving doctor in keeping it so

The Salmanic Verses

Running Target

In the 1930s, Nazis tried to kill All Quiet on the Western Front. A new screen adaptation, in theaters now, proves its longevity

Blue Period

Roger Rosenblatt’s latest book combines prose and illustrations to explore mystery, his late daughter, and his recent eye surgery