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Re-writing the History Books

In an interview, Maggie O’Farrell discusses how she resurrects women in her historical fiction

Biography of a Wallflower

Crisis Control

Eight questions with Jonathan Darman, whose new book explores how polio prepared F.D.R. for the presidency—and saved his marriage

Life on the Orient Express

She is remembered as the incarnation of her most beloved character, the elderly, provincial Miss Marple. In reality, the adventurous, globe-trotting Agatha Christie was the opposite

From East Africa, with Love and Loss

Long Live the King

Ahead of his latest novel’s release, Stephen King divulges his writing routine and explains why social media is a “poison pill”

Gone to Waste

Balancing Act

The Roaring 20s’ Jewel

Freudian Tip

A new book suggests Sigmund Freud would not have been the father of psychoanalysis history remembers him as were it not for his wife, Martha

Shelf Life

Veteran book editors are getting pushed aside in the publishing industry’s mad dash for youth

Sin City

Crimes of the Mind

How a journalist turned screenwriter stumbled onto the unbelievable but true story that became Rogue Agent

Floral Tribute

A dazzling new coffee-table book explores the flower in contemporary photography

Teacher’s Pet

Kids Those Days

Carrying on Abroad

Playing for Both Teams

Hell’s Angel

Murder, They Wrote

This month, trade your beach reads for something more challenging—and satisfying—in the way of mystery novels

A Different Sort of Café Society

A Parisian waiter details the less glamorous side of French dining

Facing the Music

Balancing the Books

Millennial authors and TikTokers are reviving forgotten literary gems written by women

Ego Trip

Within weeks of becoming the American ambassador to the U.K., Joseph P. Kennedy proved that his confidence far surpassed his talent