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King City

On writing Elvis in Vegas

Michael Lewis

Selects three dark horses

Her Family and Other Animals

Kipling in America

We’ll Always Have Paris

Ferrante Fatigue

Why Italian women un-friend the author of My Brilliant Friend

B&N It’s Not

The woman behind Once upon a Time in Hollywood’s costumes selects her favorite L.A. bookstore

An Irishman, an American, and a Norwegian Walk into a Bar …

Beast of Burden

Christy Turlington Burns

Chooses the books that inspire her in activism and motherhood

Gang’s Back

The Kids Are Alright

Librarian Chic

In September, Prestel will publish a new edition of German photographer Candida Höfer’s Libraries, featuring striking images from literary spaces across the world

Brunello Cucinelli

Selects three books that ask the big questions

A Home Called Raffles

One hotel for the ages

The Internet of Things

Murder, They Wrote

Woman of the West

Beauvoir Revisited

A new book offers a second take on The Second Sex

Lethal Attraction

Victoria’s Angel

Notes on Sontag

The late American writer loved to keep lists. Her biographer traces the backward arc from her viral “Camp” essay to the notes that preceded it

Gurinder Chadha

On the memoirs that altered her worldview

Jared Harris

Shares the standouts on his bookshelf