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The Dramatist as Analyst

Striking It Rich

Sports agent to the stars Rich Paul attributes his success—his friendship with LeBron James, his relationship with Adele—to luck. Turns out it’s anything but

The Kingmaker

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis sealed Colonel Tom Parker’s reputation as greedy and conniving. In truth, Presley’s manager was the opposite—someone who would do anything for his client and friend

Where Christianity and Nationalism Collide

The Comeback King

How a housewife from Edinburgh solved one of the great mysteries of English history—and cleared King Richard III’s name

What Machines Want

Hollywood Beginning

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright’s new novel captures the actor’s mindset so incisively that Chloë Sevigny and Busy Philipps are early fans

The Preppy Crack-Up

Finding Albert Ballin

How a German-Jewish businessman helped make possible the emigration of 1.5 million Jews from Eastern Europe—then largely disappeared from history

Emperor of the New Order

How a promising young director gave up a comfortable life in Hollywood—and gained true creative freedom for a new generation of filmmakers. An exclusive excerpt from The Path to Paradise: A Francis Ford Coppola Story

Murder, They Wrote

Long-cold cases get hot again in the season’s best mystery books—and oldie-but-goodie TV dramas

Wave to the Camera

A new book of photos by the big kahuna of surfing photography, Jimmy Metyko, captures early-80s Southern California in all its Point Break glory

Man’s Best Friends

For his entire career, Michael Frayn avoided writing about people he knew. His new book, written at 89, is about 13 of his closest friends

By the Letter

Mommy and Lee

A Head for Business, a Body for Sin

From Virginia Woolf to Carolee Schneemann, a new book explores the role of the female body in art

Making Up for Lost Time

After a decade-long wait, a follow-up to the best-selling debut thriller I Am Pilgrim is here

The Beatles’ Dark Horse

Across the Jillyverse

Publishing her 18th novel at 86 years old, novelist Jilly Cooper is as prolific—and ready to talk about sex—as ever

Far from the Madding Hive Mind

Inside the UnHerd Club, London’s liveliest—and most controversial—new literary salon

Nobels “R” Us

By identifying a gap in the U.K. book market, Jacques Testard turned his kitchen-table publisher into a prizewinning literary powerhouse

The Silent Treatment

Joining “the Firm”

An aspiring journalist from New Delhi gets a private tour of Kensington Palace—his new girlfriend’s childhood home

The Real Thing