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All That, and More

A celebration of Leslie Caron, just in time for her 90th birthday

Jackie Collins Was More than Just Joan’s Sister

Her tales of women and power and sex sold half a billion copies in 40 countries. But a new documentary reveals that her own story was even more dramatic

The Belle of Birmingham

Bridgerton star Claudia Jessie left school at 14, suffers from severe panic attacks, and got her start working at a comedy club

The Little-Known Genius Behind Midnight Cowboy and Coming Home

Jerome Hellman was at the vanguard of Hollywood’s 1970s creative rebellion

Sophie Cookson

The British actress got her start in Kingsman when she was just 22. Her latest is a Mark Wahlberg–produced thriller

Once upon a Time in Tribeca

Arts Highlight: Midnight

It’s never too late for the romantic comedy that time forgot

Paula Beer

The Berlin Film Festival darling who eschewed drama school for the real thing

When Mildred Met Sally

How did American college dropout Mildred Gillars become Axis Sally, the voice behind English-language Nazi propaganda during W.W. II?