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Medieval Plastic Robert Harris’s new novel is set after modern civilization collapses and the world reverts to the Dark Ages

Neil deGrasse Tyson The astrophysicist and author on the last books he picked up, and the one he couldn’t finish

Piece of Her Heart Janis Joplin’s biographer reveals the staunch seriousness behind the singer’s free-spirited front

When Hawthorne Met Melville Reliving the walk in the Berkshires that changed literary history—and perhaps kindled a great romance

How to Serve Man In 1921, the Lenin-led Soviet Union faced one of the worst famines in history. A new book details its horrors and the American effort to combat cannibalism

Jenny Slate On the sharpest female voices, from the 1940s
to the present

Natasha Stagg The young author who has her finger on the pulse of the new New York

People-Mapping A new book offers fascinating stats—from Viking raids to the countries living sans McDonald’s—through the lens of the world map

Lauren Groff Recommends the jewels among her preferred novels and short stories

Daydreams A new collection of photographs by the actor and filmmaker, most of which have never before been published, takes you back to the 60s

Bowie’s Top 100 Before he died, David Bowie published a list of books that changed his life. A new volume parses through all 100 titles, including a little-remembered 1842 novel

Out of Office A new look at Andrew Johnson’s impeachment reveals the buried truth behind the long-forgotten trial, and the eerie parallels to today’s proceedings

M.I.5’s Storyteller Eric Roberts’s biographer unearths a short story written by the W.W. II spy