Leave it to comedian and actress Jenny Slate to write a collection—Little Weirds, her first book, out now from Little, Brown—that George Saunders has already called “something new and wonderful.” In the midst of its publication as well as the release of her first Netflix special, Stage Fright, Slate recommends a few of her favorite women’s survival stories, in the least traditional sense: “I find myself wanting to read about women and how they behave when they can be alone, either simply in their thoughts, or in that lovely solitude that one finds when they are writing in their own irreplaceable voice. I just want to read about women feeling, tasting, moving, and to learn how they think about their experiences.”

Villa Amalia, by Pascal Quignard

This book is rough on the heart and strips comfort from its reader’s experience much like the composer-protagonist strips down old symphonies and strips down her actual life. If you want to read a book about a woman who truly turns away from a man after he has been unfaithful, after he has shown himself as weak, read this. This lady turns away, tears it all down, and even though it will destroy you to read about it, she lives again.