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Horse Sense A new book offers a playful antidote to uncertain times, from the British illustrator whose past collaborations with Richard Curtis and Nelson Mandela are a testament to the wide-ranging charm of his work

Jackie’s Russian Collusion A letter from Jacqueline Kennedy to Nikita Khrushchev was among the last she’d send from the White House

Food for Thought This Land is Their Land offers a true account of the First Thanksgiving. Its author illustrates the violent history behind today’s myth

Anthony Doerr Shares the essential titles on his bookshelf

Man of Letters A new collection of Ralph Ellison’s correspondence sheds light on the life of the writer, including the
first books that influenced him

Kane, Eve, and Cleopatra The author of a new book on the Mankiewicz brothers reckons with an especially timely concern: Were her subjects predatory monsters?

Wells of the World The author of a new book on H. G. Wells’s writings on re-discovering his life and work

Deborah Levy Recommends the books whose authors were as fascinating as their work