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Chronicling Harlem A new book collects the rare work of Leo Goldstein, the little-known photographer who cast his lens on life in postwar East Harlem

The Magic Touch Harry Houdini built an elaborate web of deception in his quest for immortality. Nearly a century after his death, his biographer notes, the myths have corroded but his legend lives on

Postcard from the Alps With fall comes winter planning: a new cookbook features photographs of Europe’s snowy peaks, and food to match

Deborah Berke On the books that unite literature and architecture

They Publish the Perished Thanks to New York Review Books Classics, masterpieces such as Stoner, Speedboat, and Poison Penmanship are back in print and finding new fans

The Last Queen of France Marie Antoinette’s biographer on her secret plot to stop the Revolution, and what history got wrong about the monarch

A Room of Their Own A 1920s note from Vita to Virginia is an exercise in reassuring a lover

Medieval Plastic Robert Harris’s new novel is set after modern civilization collapses and the world reverts to the Dark Ages