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Staff Picks Don’t miss an investigation into the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting; a new biography of Harry Truman; and a Broadway memoir

April 6, 2022

Books and a Place to Read Them From the director of Chicago’s Seminary Co-op, an ode to the quiet magic of independent bookshops around the country

April 6, 2022

Murder, They Wrote Stormy weather plays a central role in this month’s best mystery novels. Plus, revisiting one of the first-ever police procedurals

“Hold It Right There … ” With a devoted following among the fashion crowd—and a girlfriend in Kate Moss—Nikolai von Bismarck is London’s photographer of the moment

Brainspotting The world-renowned neurologist A. J. Lees is on a mission to humanize doctors

War Songs During 1973’s Yom Kippur War, an unexpected ally joined the front lines to boost Israeli soldiers’ morale: Leonard Cohen

March 30, 2022

Tour de Force Charles Dickens highlighted Americans’ most unappealing habits (bad table manners) and practices (slavery). So why haven’t Republicans gone after him?

March 30, 2022

The High and Low By day, Miriam Leslie was a titan of publishing and the perfect model of the Victorian lady. By night, she was the seductress behind a memorable ménage à trois

Collector’s Edition In a posthumous essay and drawings, the illustrator Pierre Le-Tan reflects on the art—and sport—of collecting

Boeuf Neanderthal! In an excerpt from Martin Walker’s new “Bruno” story collection, the quintessential Frenchman experiments with prehistoric food and wine

L.A. Confidential From briefing Si Newhouse to smoking with Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, a former Vanity Fair editor looks back at the Oscar parties of yore

Bridging the Gap Julia Quinn, the woman behind the novels that inspired the hit Netflix TV show Bridgerton, discusses the screen adaptation of her Regency romance

March 23, 2022

The Soros Cosmos Edited by George Soros’s longtime publisher and friend, a new collection of essays tells the life story of the financier turned philanthropist

March 23, 2022

Libraries of Dreams A new volume compiles photographs of the world’s oldest and most groundbreaking book collections