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Behind Enemy Lines

Spring Breakers

A new book of photographs evokes the sun-and-booze-soaked days of British holidayers in southern Spain during the 60s and beyond

All That Is Solid Melts into Theory

How did a once obscure academic notion called “gender identity” triumph over material reality? Credit—or blame—Judith Butler

The Refugee’s Storyteller

A Touch of Smut

Wayne Koestenbaum has been writing seriously salacious poetry for decades. A new collection about New York and its denizens gets down and dirty

Reaching for the Starman

How a stylist went from cutting David Bowie’s mother’s hair to joining the rockstar’s rollicking Ziggy Stardust tour

A Mission from God

How an epic friendship born out of quaaludes, comedy, and a shared love of R&B paved the way for The Blues Brothers

Death Became Her

Murder, They Wrote

Revenge—served hot, cold, and everywhere in between—dominates this month’s new mystery books

The Deformative Years

Plot Twist

Six years after his blockbuster debut thriller—and a scandal about his credibility—A. J. Finn publishes his much-anticipated follow-up novel

Labor Pains

Rhapsodies in Blue

The Beginning of Everything

Polo, parties, and the American Dream … how my grandfather inspired Fitzgerald’s Gatsby

Hitting the Ceiling

While Michelangelo’s St. Peter’s Basilica is remembered as a Renaissance masterpiece, the drama around the construction nearly stopped the project

A House Divided

(Mid-)20th-Century Women

Ruth Orkin’s postwar photographs, collected in a new book, offer a snapshot of the modern woman navigating life in the big city

All the Queen’s Men

Slapstick Apocalypse

Liar’s Poker, London–Style

How I went from the mean streets of East London to becoming the most profitable trader in the world

Sister Act

How the McLaughlin twins broke the glass ceiling of the male-dominated photography industry during the golden age of magazines

The Forgotten Master

Drumming Up Sympathy

A new biography of rock legend Jim Gordon reveals how the music scene ignored his mental health struggles, then abandoned him when he snapped

Chronicle of an Invasion Foretold