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The Old Man and the Son

Making Banksy

A new book compiles graffiti by the elusive street artist, from the 1990s to today

After the Flood

Decades before climate change became irrefutable, the English novelist J. G. Ballard envisioned a much warmer world with vastly higher sea levels

The Pig League


Since 2006, the site Neglected Books has championed wrongly overlooked novels. Now it’s republishing them

Growing Pains

Flash Back

Three decades on, Harry Flashman, the philandering protagonist of George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman series, is still sympathetic

Agente Provocatrice

The Arrangement

Schools of Thought

Children’s literature has been hit hard by the culture wars. Anthony Horowitz suggests giving in less—and listening to Ricky Gervais more

Big Tobacco, but for Big Fish

Investigating the dark underbelly of salmon farming, journalists find echoes of the oil and tobacco industries

Murder, They Wrote

Killers, poseurs, and arrivistes … criminals with social ambition and a taste for vengeance dominate this month’s new mystery novels

The Original Playboy

Game of Thrones

Grand Slam

A Numbers Game

We associate algebra, geometry, and calculus with practicality and logic. But the origins of math are as mysterious as any scripture

A Lexical Feast

La Vie en Azur

A new book celebrates the sun-soaked and star-studded legacy of the French Riviera

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a detailed account of Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall; the inside story of the U.S.’s war against the Islamic State; and a history of Fire Island

Second Act

At 46 years old, Joanna Quinn finally published the novel she’s been wanting to write for decades. Now it’s shaping up to be the book of the summer (and fall)

Kuwait from on High

Callil Confidential

For many years, Carmen Callil dominated London’s literary and feminist scenes. In a memoir, the outspoken Melbourne native travels back in time

The Dior Allure

A new book tells the history of the couture house through its storied Paris headquarters

Notes from Underground