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The Arrangement

Agente Provocatrice

The Original Playboy

Game of Thrones

A Lexical Feast

Grand Slam

La Vie en Azur

A new book celebrates the sun-soaked and star-studded legacy of the French Riviera

A Numbers Game

We associate algebra, geometry, and calculus with practicality and logic. But the origins of math are as mysterious as any scripture

Second Act

At 46 years old, Joanna Quinn finally published the novel she’s been wanting to write for decades. Now it’s shaping up to be the book of the summer (and fall)

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a detailed account of Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall; the inside story of the U.S.’s war against the Islamic State; and a history of Fire Island

Kuwait from on High

The Dior Allure

A new book tells the history of the couture house through its storied Paris headquarters

Callil Confidential

For many years, Carmen Callil dominated London’s literary and feminist scenes. In a memoir, the outspoken Melbourne native travels back in time

Notes from Underground

Plot Twist

In his forthcoming novel, The Twist of a Knife, Anthony Horowitz has taken a metaphysical approach to revenge by killing the Sunday Times theater critic

The Rhys Woman

Going Rogue

Eight questions with Patrick Radden Keefe, best known for his accounts of the Irish Troubles and the Sacklers, whose new book profiles all manner of crooks

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

Misery Loves Company

Ottessa Moshfegh’s bleak yet funny novels have earned her a cult following. Her new book takes things a step further

Talking Contradiction

Notes from the archive of the Jewish Nobel Prize laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer show that even he, a renowned pacifist, was torn when it came to Israel and its place in the world

Greenwich Village Sunburnt

Genuine Fakes

Murder, They Wrote

This month’s crime novels take readers around the world, from Boston and Edinburgh to islands in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean

Crooked Teeth and Dodgy Leaders

Though it came as a shock to many, Brexit was nothing more than the latest round in an argument as old as the British Isles themselves