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London’s 34th Billy Elliot

Caught live at the Victoria Palace Theatre in 2014, Elliott Hanna makes a legendary part his own

Long Live the King

Ahead of his latest novel’s release, Stephen King divulges his writing routine and explains why social media is a “poison pill”

Gone to Waste

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

The Roaring 20s’ Jewel

Super Star Power

More than half a century after Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol hooked up, their mystique endures. Now Edie’s sister Alice is making sense of it all

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

A Moveable Feast

A road trip along France’s Côte d’Azur, with stops at five 20th-century modernist houses along the way

Freudian Tip

A new book suggests Sigmund Freud would not have been the father of psychoanalysis history remembers him as were it not for his wife, Martha

Naked Dating and the Millionaire Misogynist

Plus: why Buzz Bissinger is preparing to leave America

Golden Years

Zola Ganzorigt

The business-school student turned manicurist has quickly become Hollywood’s favorite nail artist

Voice of a Generation

A one-woman spoken-word odyssey of Kurt Cobain’s life has captured the attention of critics, and Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This Quiz Makes Wordle Look Like Child’s Play

Let’s just hope you’re not a sizar

Balancing Act

Fifty Shades of Britain

In England, Channel 4 has brought the dating show to uncharted territory by featuring naked contestants

Bad Samaritans

From Glyndebourne, Ethyl Smyth’s ill-starred, tremendous The Wreckers (1906), at last in the original French

Sin City

Shelf Life

Veteran book editors are getting pushed aside in the publishing industry’s mad dash for youth

Crimes of the Mind

How a journalist turned screenwriter stumbled onto the unbelievable but true story that became Rogue Agent

Ruby Wright’s Sketchbook

Floral Tribute

A dazzling new coffee-table book explores the flower in contemporary photography

Kids Those Days

Elon Musk’s World Wide Web