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Noémie Merlant The French actress is breaking into Hollywood the same way she stormed Paris from the provinces

Fifth Ave. Pied-à-Terror Correspondence reveals Vladimir Putin’s plan to annex unlisted properties on New York’s Upper East Side

A Dirty Business A whistleblower from the factory of millionaire artist Damien Hirst paints a grim scene of low wages and employees knee-deep in formaldehyde

Will Prince Andrew Tank the Firm? He’s desperately clinging to Mummy in public, and that’s not good for Charles and William

The Man Who Invented Movies While Thomas Edison is widely known as “the father of motion pictures,” a Frenchman by the name of Louis Le Prince actually got there first—and then disappeared

Hallelujah! From the National Theatre, London, a triumphant revival of Angels in America

April 8, 2022

Staff Picks Don’t miss an investigation into the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting; a new biography of Harry Truman; and a Broadway memoir

April 6, 2022

Books and a Place to Read Them From the director of Chicago’s Seminary Co-op, an ode to the quiet magic of independent bookshops around the country

April 6, 2022

Dancing on Air In the second season of Bridgerton, dance—specifically, the ceremonious allemande—speaks louder than any professions of love

April 6, 2022

Prized Scores Here’s to the music that makes films swing, from Philip Glass, Nino Rota, Alexandre Desplat, and others

Can Love Actually Explain Putin’s Behavior? How a rom-com just might help us understand a very troubled man …

A New Gold Mine for Movie-Lovers Fun City Editions gives fans access to long-out-of-circulation treasures

Murder, They Wrote Stormy weather plays a central role in this month’s best mystery novels. Plus, revisiting one of the first-ever police procedurals

Potemkin War Room Putin advisers tiptoe their way through the minefields in the Kremlin