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What Woody Allen Told Me

On this week’s podcast, Sam Wasson takes us inside his conversation with the writer-director

Lunch with Michael Mann

On this week’s episode of Table for Two, the Ferrari director and action-film master discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with strong characters, writing Heat 2, and how Miami Vice defined a decade

Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Here? Not One?

No, no, not one in Sasha Regan’s well-traveled all-male The Pirates of Penzance

Renaissance Women

A new book spotlights four forgotten female writers who were contemporaries of Shakespeare’s but cut out of history

Radio Control


Weeding out the Garden of Eden

Flappers to the Wings!

The Great Gatsby made F. Scott Fitzgerald’s name, but the Broadway play of his book made him rich. A copy of the long-lost script has finally been found

John Cuneo’s Sketchbook

A Publisher of One’s Own

For 25 years, Persephone Books has been turning the works of forgotten female writers into unexpected best-sellers

Katana and Crumpets

The new hit TV mini-series Shōgun has re-ignited interest in the rollicking life of the Englishman William Adams, Japan’s first foreign samurai

New Kid on the Great White Way

The longtime Public Theater producer Mandy Hackett sets her sights on Broadway with the Alicia Keys–inspired musical, Hell’s Kitchen

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

Love and Let Die

Lost and Found

From the Metropol Hotel to Hollywood

In an interview, Amor Towles discusses adapting A Gentleman in Moscow for the screen and the inspiration behind his newest book, Table for Two

What the Hell Is Gwyneth Cooking Up Now?

On this week’s podcast, Jensen Davis taste-tests Goop Kitchen

Against the Grain

The Museum of Modern Art exhibits New York’s first-ever retrospective on Käthe Kollwitz, one of history’s greatest graphic artists—and one of its most outspoken pacifists

Around the World with Steve McCurry

Refugee camps in Pakistan, civil wars in Cambodia, religious ceremonies in India … A new book collects more than 100 images by the American photojournalist

The Sky’s the Limit

From the title role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Omar, the tenor Jamez McCorkle pivots to godhood

Behind Enemy Lines

Finding Gaudí

How the playful details of Antoni Gaudí’s architecture turned one critic into an admirer

Who’s Killing the Great Languages of Europe?

On this week’s podcast, Elena Clavarino reports on why—from Italy to Germany to France—English is now on everyone’s tongue

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

In A Gentleman in Moscow, the actress beguiles the hero, played by her real-life husband, Ewan McGregor

Brancusi’s Magnum Opus

Bronze, wood, marble, stone … the Centre Pompidou, in Paris, presents the sculptor’s largest retrospective since 1995