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Beyond the Friends Zone

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston achieved the unimaginable: becoming TV’s top star and ensuring equal pay with her male colleagues. Then she became the poster child for childless women

The Mother of Invention

A new biography of Margaret Cavendish reveals how the 17th-century writer and philosopher treated her groundbreaking work like her child

Roman Halaby

The Lebanese designer Gilbert Halaby made a name for himself in Rome with a charming jewelry-and-handbag atelier. Thirty years on, he’s also taken up his lifelong passion of painting

Murder, They Wrote

This month’s best mystery books range from murder in Edith Wharton’s New York to the notorious 2003 Alperton Angels cult case

Eric Hanson’s Sketchbook

Chez Karl

A look inside the many homes of Karl Lagerfeld, from Paris to Rome, Biarritz to Lake Champlain

Jodie Foster’s Coming of Age

The actress looks back at the time a shooter attempted to assassinate President Reagan on her behalf—and discusses the unexpected perks of being an older woman in Hollywood

What Is Angelina Jolie Hiding?

On this week’s podcast, Dana Brown reveals how to sneak into her tightly guarded NoHo outpost

DeSantis’s Demise

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

California Cool

A retrospective at the Palm Springs Art Museum honors the legacy of the midcentury architect Albert Frey

Glamour Is Forever

A Less Perfect Union

Flashbacks to the Buckley–Vidal smackdowns that changed our media landscape forever

Scaling “Mount Proust”

After reading all 3,200 pages of In Search of Lost Time, one editor explains what critics—including Cormac McCarthy—got wrong about the masterpiece

Stories of Survival

A journalist chronicles present-day Lebanon’s turbulence—from the 2020 port explosion to its current financial crisis—from the perspective of women

Garry Winogrand in Color

A new book collects rarely seen color work by the master of postwar American street photography, from the bustling byways of Manhattan to the shaded underside of Coney Island’s boardwalk

Phone Rage

In a new column, the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Buzz Bissinger is infuriated, incensed, and enraged by the world around him—particularly his new phone service

Julia Roberts and Baroness Bra

Patrick Kidd reveals how Michelle Mone used the actress’s cleavage to carry her from Dickensian poverty to the House of Lords and, now, scandal

Shock and Awe

The provocative, World War II–era paintings of Ben Shahn are on view in a sweeping retrospective

Keeping Up with the Hösses

Based on a Martin Amis novel, The Zone of Interest is told from the perspective of an Auschwitz commandant and his family

The Iannucci Treatment

Boris Johnson and his successors, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, are skewered on the London stage in a caustic new play by Veep and The Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci

When the Music’s Over

Josh Gosfield’s Sketchbook

“War, Tribes, and Camels Without End”