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Mind Games

The New Yorker writer Rachel Aviv, whose debut book is out now, discusses mental illness in its many forms

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a look back at the 1920s’ most transfixing murder, the final installment of a three-part history of Napoleon, and a robust argument for prison reform

Memories of Mantel

Hilary Mantel’s longtime editor remembers the singular talent and warm generosity of the writer who brought us the Thomas Cromwell trilogy

The Shock of the New

Fernando Casablancas

The model and artist makes his TV debut in a reality show about downtown Manhattan’s creative class

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

Star Quality

Abbott and Costello Go to Bat Against Monkeypox

And the result is a comedy of errors

Lauren Tamaki’s Sketchbook

Their Back Pages

The Byrds invented folk rock and went on to become founding fathers of psychedelic rock, jazz rock, and country rock. A new book revisits the band’s mid-60s prime

The Last Laugh

Fawlty Towers could never be made today. But 47 years after it premiered, the show still perfectly captures a certain type of small-minded, social-climbing, xenophobic Englishman who is now all but extinct

Night at the Opera

The little-known story of two British spinsters who saved dozens of Jewish musicians during World War II—and the Viennese star composer who helped them do it

Survivor, D.C. Edition

The new genre of books taking over Washington? Memoirs by Trump-administration survivors who tried to do their work in the midst of insanity

The Dark Side of Social-Media Influencers

Plus: Is New York still the city that never sleeps?


Decaying film stock, the Song of Songs, and the seraphic soprano of Angel Blue

The Goldman Years

In her memoir, a former Goldman Sachs financial analyst reckons with her two decades of short-selling stocks and enduring finance bros’ sexism

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a buoyant account of the sunken Titanic, the origin story of Manhattan’s favorite T. rex, and a search for the real “Torso Killer”

Race to the Bottom

Art Nouveau

Reality Bites

Rumored to be the most expensive TV show of all time, Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings prequel confirms that fantasy, a once mocked and belittled genre, is now a mainstream money-spinner

A Passage to India

Max Vadukul has spent the last few years chronicling India’s litter-and-pollution problem. The completed project goes on show this week in Milan

Never Again

With his latest epic historical documentary, Ken Burns enters a very contemporary debate

A Journal of the Plague Year

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook