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Olivia Cooke For the actress, who at 26 has already starred in Ready Player One, Modern Love, and Vanity Fair, the pandemic offered a much-needed re-start

An Empress in Code She was known for her three-hour hairstyling sessions, but Elizabeth of Austria also provided key, secret support to her husband, the Habsburg emperor

New York Minute Ernst Haas’s bright, blurry photographs capture the vibrancy and transience of a city on the move

All About Eve with Strippers? A Q&A about T&A. How Showgirls, one of Hollywood’s raunchiest movies, came to be

Alan Cumming Remembers Sean Connery A Boxing Day treat; the prince of Scotland shares a memory of “the king of Scotland”; and more

Heart On His Sleeve Following a new Otello that streamed to thousands, the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Alexander Pereira on directing opera mid-pandemic

December 23, 2020

Christmas Scamp Martin Jarvis records Richmal Crompton’s “Just William” stories as the young hero makes a mockery of holiday merriment

December 21, 2020

Are Harry and Meghan Copying the Obamas? It certainly seems like it. Listen for yourself, and decide

Loading the Dice Before the world praised Picasso and Duchamp, a 1913 alphabet book skewered the Cubists and futurists in a series of hilarious illustrations

Back in the U.S.S.R. A new book peels back the Iron Curtain with nostalgic photographs of life in the Soviet Union