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The Man in the Black Turtleneck A hit at the Santa Fe Opera in 2017, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs has its video premiere in a new production from Atlanta

April 29, 2022

Touching Base The effect of Jackie Robinson on the lives of average Americans of color is well documented. But he was instrumental for other baseball players of color, too

April 27, 2022

Staff Picks Don’t miss a biography of the American painter Winslow Homer; a little-told story about Benjamin Franklin; and a memoir turned meditation on books

April 27, 2022

Child’s Play Nicolas Party’s techno-colored art is on view in Canada. In an interview, the artist discusses fairy tales, nature, and the power of pastel

April 26, 2022

Tom Blyth The British actor went from sidewalk charity campaigner to the star of a new series on Billy the Kid

A Grand Tour of Italy, but Make It Modern The intimate, under-the-radar homes and studios of 20th-century Italian architects, artists, and designers, from Achille Castiglioni and Gae Aulenti to Giorgio Morandi, are as stunning as the country’s ancient and Renaissance treasures. And they’re open to the public

Spires, Squires, and Liars A contemporary of Boris Johnson’s and Dominic Cummings’s traces Brexit, and the state of politics in Britain today, back to 1980s Oxford

The Sages of Montecito Harry and Meghan offer Netflix some business tips

Irresistible Force, Immoveable Object A tempestuous English-language Phèdre, starring Helen Mirren

April 22, 2022

Breathing Fire Gary Indiana has a new collection of essays, Fire Season. In an interview, the outspoken critic lets loose on young writers, politicians, and just about everyone else

April 20, 2022

Don’t Look Up Coronavirus deniers are following the climate-change-denial playbook to a tee. Will the cycle ever break?

April 20, 2022

Putin’s Enemy No. 1 Eight questions with Bill Browder, whose new book, Freezing Order, offers a captivating follow-up to his 2015 nonfiction Russia thriller, Red Notice