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Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

From Anthem to Elegy

Six gifted young poets signed up to fight in World War I. In their disillusionment, Michael Korda sees a cautionary tale for our time

Cool-Head Larry

In an interview, Larry David covers all things baldness—transplants, Russian leaders, beards—and reveals the one thing he enjoys about having no hair

Rushdie’s Triumph

Breeds Apart

The Concert of a Lifetime

A recording of America’s 1975 Hollywood Bowl performance, directed by Beatles producer George Martin, sees the light

Beyond the Candelabra

On this week’s podcast, Spike Carter tells us about “the Zelig of Awful” and his ties to one of L.A.’s most infamous murders

Lunch with Colin Jost

The S.N.L. staff writer and “Weekend Update” co-anchor joins host Bruce Bozzi on this week’s episode of Table for Two to discuss his Staten Island Ferry dreams, his unchanged childhood bedroom, and more …

Death Becomes Him

Caravaggio’s last known painting, completed just weeks before his mysterious demise, goes on show in London

From Camera to Canvas

Paintings by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who filmed the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and the Who at their peak, go on display in upstate New York

Let Them Eat Worms!

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Buzz Bissinger is fed up with the moaners, the whiners, and the worm eaters

The Eternal Flameout

A closer look at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s coalition

Joe Alwyn Breaks the Internet

Thanks to the Swifties, the singer’s guarded and fiercely private British ex is about to become the most hated man in America

Arts and Drafts

Five years after leaving New York magazine, Adam Moss discusses the state of media today, how he fills his days, and his new book about art

On the Scent

Tracking down the essential oils that become perfumes took one fragrance aficionado to far-flung places, from Bulgarian rose fields to Somalian mountains

Magical Mystery War

Martina Mondadori’s Guide to Milan

The founder and editor of Cabana shares her favorite spots in her home city

AIR MAIL’s Guide to the Venice Biennale

As the 60th contemporary art exhibition descends on the city, we recommend the must-see shows, plus where to eat and stay

“Bipartisan Karaoke” Night

There is one thing that can still bring a divided Washington together: the music of Elton John

Mandatory Reporting

Russia, China, and Us

High Life, Low Life

In his new book, the photographer Dafydd Jones captures a bygone New York, an era of new and old money, La Grenouille and Le Cirque

The 20th Century’s Enfant Terrible

From bare-bottomed sailors to opium-smoking lovers, a new Jean Cocteau exhibition in Venice—the French artist’s first major retrospective in Italy—brings together some of his most risqué works

Kim Kardashian Gets Sued over Her (Alleged) Fakes

On this week’s podcast, Dan Rubinstein reveals why the influencer finds herself the subject of a strange lawsuit