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Glory Edim The writer and entrepreneur behind the Well-Read Black Girl volume, book club, and festival has started a literary movement for Black women

The Man Who Spawned Logan Roy Jesse Armstrong, the creator of Succession, reveals his thoughts on the new season—and answers his critics

Rue du Petit Rejoice in life’s cryptic moments with this soundtrack from Jackson Browne, Dolly Parton, Jim James, Aisha Badru, and more

Goop Sex Armed with a new Netflix series and an arsenal of vibrators, Gwyneth Paltrow invades the bedroom

A Podcast You Can’t Refuse There’s no omertà here … just lots of revealing information

Dior Dreaming Accompanying an exhibition on Christian Dior at New York’s Brooklyn Museum, an elegant volume spans the many iterations of the French fashion house

When Trump Trumps Logic Books on Donald Trump’s narcissism, by Michael Wolff, and financial misdeeds, by David Cay Johnston, sound a familiar alarm. Will people listen?

Bland. James Bland In No Time to Die, 007 is defeated … by the wokes

Game Changer Jung Ho-yeon has become the breakout star of Squid Game, and the new face of South Korea

The Godfather of The Godfather How Mario Puzo turned his gambling addiction and fruitful imagination into the best Mob story of all time

Opera Pick of the Week What’s better, sex or salvation? Tannhäuser, Wagner’s schizophrenic singer of courtly love songs, simply cannot decide

October 21, 2021

Faulty-Hearts Club How Baby Fae, the 1980s infant who survived for several days with a baboon heart, paved the way for innovative new approaches to organ donation

October 20, 2021

Space Cadet William Shatner goes where no actor has gone before

Chic Korea Squid Game, Parasite, BTS—there’s a “K-” revolution afoot, and for once that prefix isn’t followed by “ardashian”

Susan Soon He Stanton The playwright and screenwriter takes us into the Succession writers’ room

The Podcast You Need to Hear From scheming patriarchs to the world’s best pizza, we’ve got it all this week