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Is Milano the New Monaco?

On this week’s podcast, Elena Clavarino reveals why being a tax exile is the new flex for the 1 percent

Clarence Maclin

In his breakout role, the formerly incarcerated actor stars alongside Colman Domingo and Paul Raci in the semi-biographical film Sing Sing

The Last Days of Joan Didion

Cory Leadbeater looked after the author in her final days—and after them, too

Tanu Vasu’s Sketchbook

Henry Alford’s “This or That”

A pop quiz of cultural phenomena

Poster City

A new book collects a century of posters and advertisements that shaped New York City’s rise as the cultural capital of the world

Stranger than Fiction

Teatro Nuovo gives Carolina Uccelli’s lone surviving opera, Anna di Resburgo, a long-overdue second shot

The Making of a Movement

In the 1960s and 1970s, women’s liberation transformed America. Voices from that time tell how it came to be

Kevin Costner’s Post Apocalypse

The Postman was meant to be the Oscar winner’s magnum opus—instead it became the tale of a superstar’s self-indulgence

Notes from Underground

Black Sun

Gritty and glamorous, Chinatown combined the best of Old and New Hollywood

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

One-Man Show

After Auschwitz

Revisiting the posthumous 2010 stage premiere of Mieczysław Weinberg’s fierce masterpiece The Passenger

Cooked in the Books

When it comes to literary hit jobs, no public figures—from the Beckhams all the way to Mother Teresa—are safe from merciless biographers

Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a modern twist on King Arthur’s court, a look at the women who shaped the ancient world, and a history of World War I’s Eastern Front

Jasper Conran’s Guide to Tangier

The British designer and hotelier shares his favorite spots in the Moroccan coastal city

Lunch with David Duchovny

On this week’s episode of Table for Two, the X-Files star shows host Bruce Bozzi his literary side and talks about getting into the podcast game

You’re Only as Old as You Look

A new Tom Hanks film uses groundbreaking A.I. technology to transform the actor into his fresh-faced, 1980s self

Frida’s Missing Masterpiece

Frida Kahlo’s painting The Wounded Table vanished in 1955. The hunt for it continues

The Troubles of Taffy Brodesser-Akner

The author of the best-selling Fleishman Is in Trouble has money issues, religious worries, and anxiety about her next novel. It’s not easy being “the female Philip Roth”

Trumping for Britain

Nigel Farage, the English far-right populist and friend of Trump, pauses from celebrating his recent election to Parliament to rail against the woke elite’s hold on … mathematics

Milwaukee’s Finest Boor

How can Republicans gathered in Wisconsin formally nominate Donald Trump with a straight face? Just watch them

Chain Gang

Trump adds a condition for aspiring vice-presidential candidates