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Murder, They Wrote

This month’s best mystery books, podcasts, and TV series

Drinking the High Life

On this week’s podcast, Linda Wells tells us about the new wave of THC cocktails (and how they lead to a cleaner kitchen)

Lola Peploe

For the actor’s directorial debut, she’s revisiting her grandmother’s legendary life and painting career

Hoaxing the Nazis

Using fake tanks, movie-set designers, and an all-too-real General Patton, the Allies ingeniously fooled Hitler in the run-up to D-day

Stephen Kroninger’s Sketchbook

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

Man Ray’s Halo Effect

A new book surveys the life and work of the prolific 20th-century artist who revolutionized photography and pioneered the Surrealist movement

Infinity Times Four

From the Donmar Warehouse in London, Nick Payne’s Constellations

All Jazzed Up

How three great jazz musicians—Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington—created their own lexicons

Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a beloved historian’s memoir; a look at early American life; and an author’s ode to his cat

Angelica Hicks’s Guide to Brooklyn

The British illustrator and Internet personality shares her go-to restaurants, shops, and bars near her home in Carroll Gardens

The Way Things Were

Morris Engel’s 1980s telephone-booth photos—published for the first time in AIR MAIL—harken back to a bygone New York City

Tom Lehrer Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

How did one of the world’s greatest satirists nearly fade into obscurity?

Portrait of the Artist as a Monster

A searing new memoir recounts a daughter’s toxic and chaotic relationship with her father, the artist Lucian Freud

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

As Virgin Atlantic celebrates its 40th anniversary, Richard Branson pauses from ruling his empire to reveal a few of his favorite things

Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

The Princess in the Tribeca Loft

House of the Spirits

What You Don’t Know About Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

On this week’s podcast, the author of a new biography of J.F.K. Jr.’s wife takes us inside the story

The Nanny Diaries

A solo show in New York honors Vivian Maier, the 20th-century nanny and amateur photographer whose richly nuanced work is only now getting its due

Owen Teague

The young star of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes discusses acting with C.G.I. and making it in Hollywood

The Bloomsbury Group’s Dark Horse

A new exhibition in London pays homage to Virginia Woolf’s sister Vanessa Bell, a long-overlooked pioneer of modern art in Britain

Klaus Kremmerz’s Sketchbook

Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a look at Impressionist artists’ home lives; a biography of seven Egyptian queens; and a study of the explorer George Mallory