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The Crack-up

How Cacklebean eggs became a mainstay on Britain’s best menus

Basque in It

The husband-and-wife team of Eder Montero and Alex Raij has created some of New York’s best neighborhood restaurants

Il Piccolino’s Hollywood Ending

For nearly 20 years, the restaurant served dishes named after Joan Collins, Jerry Weintraub to other Hollywood notables

Nostalgia—It’s on the Menu

In Los Angeles, martinis and wedge salads at Old Hollywood hot spots have replaced juice cleanses and vegan grain bowls

Zombies for Dessert?

At Urchin Fest, in Mendocino, environmentally minded chefs are turning overpopulated species into delicacies

The Real Duck Dynasty

Thanks to the success of D’Artagnan, the Daguin family’s influence now spans from restaurants in France to refrigerators throughout the United States

A Pizza Their Hearts

In Italy, a flashy businessman selling exorbitantly priced pizzas is sparking a passionate nationwide debate

Arrivederci, San Lorenzo

Princess Diana played out her love life at the London institution, but after 40 years of being the center of the scene, it’s closing

Sarah Raffetto

A fourth-generation Raffetto, of New York’s famed downtown pasta empire, talks honoring tradition—and departing from it

From Les Halles to La Brasserie

The New York City bistro once popularized by Anthony Bourdain has a dynamic new owner in cookware magnate Francis Staub

Super Mario

From New York to Hong Kong, Mario Carbone’s restaurants are multiplying. It’s still impossible to get a booth

Divine Intervention

Noma’s all-too-brief appearance in New York gave at least one diner a religious experience—and a new appreciation of ants

Cutting the Mustard in Dijon

Disneyland for foie gras fans? The newly opened, 16-acre International City of Gastronomy and Wine celebrates the splendors of French food

Amber Guinness

In her debut cookbook, the chef and co-founder of Arniano Painting School, in Tuscany, shares her favorite recipes and hosting tips

The Social Stir

There’s never been a bigger appetite for celebratory food and festive drinks. Colu Henry’s new cookbook reveals the winning formula

Drink and Be Merry

The fervor for bar carts is a clear sign that our pandemic pastimes are here to stay

Too Hot to Handle?

Albert Trummer made Apotheke the buzziest watering hole in New York—until it all went up in flames. Now he’s trying to re-create the magic

The Never-Ending Dinner Party

At Sally Clarke’s eponymous restaurant, in Notting Hill, the good times rage on

He’ll Take Manhattan

Rogério Fasano, the Brazilian restaurant impresario, has finally landed in Midtown. Best to get on his good side …

Légion d’Bonheur

Say no to golf and shuffleboard—retire at a 17th-century château in Provence the way French Foreign Legionnaires do

Clash of the Fine-Dining Titans

Can Jeremy King fend off Richard Caring and others who want to take over the crown jewels of the London restaurant world?

Under Siege

As an investor in London’s beloved Wolseley tries to wrest control, the restaurateurs behind it have other plans

Meet Me at Mother Wolf

Chef Evan Funke made Felix Trattoria the hottest restaurant in Los Angeles. Can he do it again?

Excuse Me, Your Tequila Is Blushing

The rosé trend extends to agave, just in time for cocktail-party season