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Before Studio 54, There Was Maxwell’s Plum

In the 1970s, an Upper East Side restaurant was the red-hot center of New York’s sexually liberated singles scene

Miss en Place!

Anne Rosenzweig broke into the old boys’ club of Manhattan restaurants with aplomb

Dinner with the Queen

During an unforgettable meal with Julia Child, a young writer discovers a kindred spirit

Daniel Emilio Soares

The fourth-generation Balducci is opening Alimentari Flâneur, a new quality-produce market on Manhattan’s Lower East Side


After a 21-year run, Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at the Plaza Athénée is closing under mysterious circumstances

Non-Tipsy Tipples

At Glossier, Mélanie Masarin helped people look better. Now, with Ghia, a mocktail, she’s helping people drink better

Mory Sacko

The new face of French cuisine serves up fine food and great television

Underground Gourmet

In lockdown, desperate French chefs keep the lights on (low) with speakeasy restaurants

Mouton Rothschild Labels Itself as Chinese-Friendly

The Bordeaux vineyard’s 2018 vintage will speak to the world’s biggest market for French wine

Below the Salt

A new book, Scoff, determines people’s social standing by the food they eat and when they eat it

Zen and the Kitchen Arts of Nigella Lawson

She’s back, with a cookbook (and life wisdom) for these times

Restaurant Roulette

On New York City’s first night of indoor dining in six months, our editors ate at Daniel, now known as Boulud Sur Mer

The Waverly Inn Is Still Cooking

As the Greenwich Village restaurant celebrates its 100th anniversary, a writer recounts its storied history

Ariel Arce

A young restaurateur is reimagining the city’s dining-and-drinking experience

Sobering Developments

Is it even drinking if there’s no alcohol involved? One woman investigates the trend of excessively responsible imbibing …

Food Fight

Despite pub grub’s mixed reputation, English cuisine is finer than ever

Hold the Dairy

The craze for a healthier, tastier alterna-milk has turned Oatly into a $2 billion success story

Preserve and Protect

Gourmands around the world know that Bonne Maman glorifies the French tradition of jam-making. But just how does the ultra-secretive operation do it?


Nothing says “Continental” cuisine like hot-dog lasagna

Au Revoir, Le Caprice

The fashionable London restaurant—whose regulars have included Lady Di, Vivienne Westwood, and Mick Jagger—won’t be reopening after lockdown

Take a Deep Breath

Thanks to a $56,000 ventilation system, fine dining welcomes back Parisians at Alain Ducasse’s Allard

Hunger Games

Despite the pandemic, enterprising young chef Alexia Duchêne is determined to keep Parisians well fed

Is This New York’s Best Pizza Right Now?

A critic discovers a four-star chef making mouthwatering takeout in Little Italy

Julie Jones

The British baker’s artistic confections are inspiring isolated amateurs around the world