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Cryogenically Frozen Pizza Good news: fresh Neapolitan pies can now travel great distances intact. Dig in

Salina’s Most Wanted Gen Y chef Martina Caruso is earning international acclaim for her cuisine at Hotel Signum

Pasta Putin-esca Syrian candy and North Korean kimchi: Moscow adds Stalinist spice to its cuisine

Renaissance Fare A 1518 receipt supports the claim that La Campana in Rome, favored by Caravaggio and Keith Richards, is the world’s oldest restaurant

It’s Not the Wurst Vegan chef and zero-waste activist Sophia Hoffmann is reimagining German cuisine for a new generation

The Caterer to the Tail-Number Set Craving chicken salad and black-and-white cookies on your private jet? William Poll will take care of you

A Thing Shared One of the most revered food writers shares a memory of a summer road trip and the perfect peach pie

Miracle on Gansevoort Street Keith McNally has reopened Pastis in Lower Manhattan—a wonder, given his recent run of terrible luck