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Prunier’s Triumphant Return

Thanks to an overhaul by chef Yannick Alléno, one of the most storied caviar temples in Paris shines once again

Semifreddo alla Gianduia

Impress your dinner-party guests this holiday season with Via Carota’s chocolate-hazelnut semifreddo

Torta all’Olio

Make the perfect olive-oil cake with this recipe from Via Carota’s new cookbook

A Grape Escape

Designer Brunello Cucinelli is entering the world of wine-making, to delicious effect

Ready, Set, Bake!

Mouthwatering desserts and beautiful breads are made with ease, thanks to these new cookbooks

The Nine Lives of Corner Bistro

From a gay bar to a butcher shop with a speakeasy in back, the raucous history behind the much-loved West Village burger hangout

Eat Your Heart Out

Since opening their restaurant, in 1999, the couple behind Il Posto Accanto, on East Second Street, has served up linguine and community in equal measure

You Belong in the Kitchen!

Fall’s best new cookbooks make food prep a pleasure—and they also make excellent gifts

How Claire Saffitz’s Star Was Born

Her Bon Appétit cooking videos went viral. Today, Saffitz is a free agent, churning out YouTube tutorials and cookbooks in equal measure

Shyan Zakeri

The Los Angeles native is bringing his favorite childhood burgers—greasy, thin patties—to New York City with his pop-up concept, Shy’s Burgers

The Height of His Powers

Restaurateur Ignacio Mattos has long exerted a pull over downtown New York’s stylish set. Now they’re all flocking to Corner Bar

Something’s Cooking Near Windsor Castle

Woven, in the Coworth Park hotel, redefines how good a hotel restaurant can be

Jean-Georges’s New Temple to Food

With 12 restaurants, four bars, and three gourmet groceries, New York’s Tin Building is a world unto itself. (And maybe the chef is, too.)

A Hidden Restaurant Gem in Connecticut? It’s True

At Materia, a Le Bernardin alum cooks dishes that make you feel like you’re in Italy

Ottolenghify Your Life

Yotam Ottolenghi, the Israeli “flavor magician” who taught the world how to fall in love with Middle Eastern cuisine, is back with a new tried-and-test cookbook

Basque in It

The husband-and-wife team of Eder Montero and Alex Raij has created some of New York’s best neighborhood restaurants

The Crack-up

How Cacklebean eggs became a mainstay on Britain’s best menus

Il Piccolino’s Hollywood Ending

For nearly 20 years, the restaurant served dishes named after Joan Collins, Jerry Weintraub to other Hollywood notables

Nostalgia—It’s on the Menu

In Los Angeles, martinis and wedge salads at Old Hollywood hot spots have replaced juice cleanses and vegan grain bowls

Zombies for Dessert?

At Urchin Fest, in Mendocino, environmentally minded chefs are turning overpopulated species into delicacies

The Real Duck Dynasty

Thanks to the success of D’Artagnan, the Daguin family’s influence now spans from restaurants in France to refrigerators throughout the United States

A Pizza Their Hearts

In Italy, a flashy businessman selling exorbitantly priced pizzas is sparking a passionate nationwide debate

Arrivederci, San Lorenzo

Princess Diana played out her love life at the London institution, but after 40 years of being the center of the scene, it’s closing

Sarah Raffetto

A fourth-generation Raffetto, of New York’s famed downtown pasta empire, talks honoring tradition—and departing from it