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Green is the New Picasso A slew of new exhibitions add urgency to the plight of the planet

August 3, 2019

Electric Conductor How Carlos Kleiber’s opera rehearsals influence the director of The French Connection

Will That Be All? An exhibition re-creates the atmosphere of a Pompeiian banquet—just before the volcano erupted

He Re-Shoots, He Scores Russian filmmakers splice sports history to play along with Putin

Boris-Ripper Britain’s new prime minister wrote a comic novel with racy language and racial slights

Librarian Chic In September, Prestel will publish a new edition of German photographer Candida Höfer’s Libraries, featuring striking images from literary spaces across the world

Dave Brown The Hollywood maverick who hosts a film festival—every single week

Beauvoir Revisited A new book offers a second take on The Second Sex

Not Your Ordinary Radioactive Meatball Also: true and true-enough crime series to latch on to, set in L.A. and N.Y.