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The Unpublished Verse
of Donald Trump
“I think that I shall never see,
a poem lovely as a wall … ”

The Id of HBO Bill Murray had Harold Ramis. Danny McBride has Jody Hill, who discusses the duo’s “misunderstood-angry-man trilogy”

Sapphistry Something’s wrong with the
depiction of the love affair
in Vita & Virginia

Laura Carlin The London artist whose illustrations and ceramics appeal to children and grown-ups alike

Late-Night Beck, Ray Charles, the Beastie Boys, Vans Morrison and McCoy, and more

A Monster Among Angels The Night of the Iguana, now in an eloquent production in London, is Tennessee Williams’s last great work

Queen of Muses The always extraordinary Patricia Clarkson on Sharp Objects, portraying difficult characters, and the correct way to make jambalaya

Olivia Laing On the books that cure her writer’s block

Tangier Style A new book, out in September, features photographs of the Moroccan coastal city’s picturesque homes and gardens

Year of the Moon Museums and stages across the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing

August 31, 2019

The Literary Industrial Complex Italy has more book festivals than it has books