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Putin Turns on the Jews

The Kremlin is both increasingly anti-Semitic and intent on staunching the brain drain to Israel and the West

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The Mysteries of “Murder Boy” His grandfather had an estate worth $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

Spinning Mushrooms into Gold As psychedelics start to be taken seriously as a treatment for mental-health conditions, mushrooms-lovers and money-hungry investors collide

Just Arrived • August 6, 2022
Issue No. 160
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Air Supply

Como Chameleon Fire up the Riva Aquarama and prepare to dance the night away in your best Italian slippers, dazzle in your sparkliest jewels, and dine among the most enchanting table-scapes. George and Amal will have nothing on you. Buon Ferragosto!

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Heat Wave Michael Mann’s new book, which serves as both a prequel and a sequel to his classic 1995 film, brings back the heat

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The Lowell Bequest In his newly published memoirs, the American poet Robert Lowell reveals insights into his work and loves

The “It” Factor A new book revisits the life of Elinor Glyn, one of Hollywood’s early influencers

Touch of Evil In Bad City, Paul Pringle tells the unhappy story of Sarah Warren, a drug addict, and U.S.C. medical-school dean Dr. Carmen Puliafito

State of Grace The dance troupe started by Neil Ieremia in 1995 goes on tour to the Berkshires, Manhattan, and New Zealand

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Guest Edit

My Favorite Things The second of nine children in a dynastic surfing family, Jonathan Paskowitz has led a successful career at the top of the sport, at the helm of several surfing-adjacent brands, and in film, nonprofits, and, most recently, the metaverse. Herewith, he shares his top picks

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For-Profit Feminism Who’s really making a killing from the quest for workplace equality?

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