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Warming Trend

According to actress turned Lady Sophie Winkleman, marrying into the Windsors isn’t nearly as bad as it seems

Woke Awards

Who will make Harry and Meghan’s honors list, the Sussexes’ alternative to the Palace’s annual tradition?

The Duke of Substance

Prince Harry offers a cure for climate change from his nine-bedroom mansion, in California

Diana’s Last Days

Divorced from Prince Charles and estranged from the royal family, the Princess of Wales finds romance and an adoring public

A Prince Is Born

While Diana upstaged Charles and gave birth to William, her marriage faltered, and Camilla’s visits to Highgrove, Charles’s family home, became more frequent

When Charles Met Diana

As Netflix unveils The Crown’s Diana years, a closer look at the princess-to-be who sobbed her way through her wedding rehearsal

Sussex Fatigue

Meghan and Harry are making the British yearn for the Queen Mum

Magisterial Meghan

Prince Harry’s wife and master fires the lawyer who successfully defended Johnny Depp and picks his biggest rival to pursue her defamation suit

When Harry Met Netflix

On the heels of Harry and Meghan’s multi-million-dollar Hollywood deal, we imagine what’s behind the grasping. And what’s to come

Platitudes and Gratitude

Are you fluent in Markle-speak? Take the test!

Unreal Estate

Harry and Meghan buy their dream house: a crooked Russian oligarch’s 14,563-square-foot mansion in Montecito

Whine and Cheese

Does Finding Freedom really lay bare all the bitterness and infighting that drove Meghan and Harry to quit the royal family?

Deconstructing the Middletons

Why can’t the British press stop talking about Kate’s fun-loving family?

Harry and Meghan Have Security Issues

They’ll be spending millions to stay safe. If they think they’re getting Kevin Costner from The Bodyguard, they’re in for a ride

A Debtor’s Prison

Are Prince Andrew’s fragile finances to blame for his entanglement in the Jeffrey Epstein debacle?

The King’s Leech

Prince Andrew reportedly watched a movie about his grandfather while having his feet rubbed by models; Harry and Meghan’s $18 million bolt-hole in Beverly Hills has a privacy breach

Damp Sponges

Meghan and Harry couch surf in L.A. while Andy and Fergie are deadbeats in the Alps

No Privacy, Please

Meghan puts her rift with her father on trial in a splashy court battle against the press

Megxit Diaries

The Sussex bolters’ first 100 days out of royal captivity


If only Prince Harry had done his ancient-Greek homework …

Beached Wales

Harry and Meghan, having left Britain with a stopover in Canada, go house hunting in celebrityville, U.S.A.

The Sussex Manifesto

An update on Harry and Meghan’s dynamic new roles as they transition to international philanthropreneurs and role models for change

The Princess Diaries

Narcissism, drug abuse, infidelity, and betrayal—Princess Margaret’s longtime lady-in-waiting writes a tell-all

Disroyal Subjects

Harry and Meghan can’t get their Sussex Royal straight. Other Windsors are following in their missteps