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The French Burst Brits’ Bubbles


The View from Here

Hix Pix Fox Flix

Ex–Trump whisperer Hope Hicks spins the Hollywood liberal establishment

Paradise in Flames

An epic journey by river and road reveals the horrible price of the Amazon inferno

The Godfather of Brexit

Ex–prime minister David Cameron explains how he got it all wrong

Pierre Le-Tan

An illustrator who blended whimsy and shadow in his palette

The Handmaid’s Kale

Western feminists make the misogyny in Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments all about them

Good Night, Mr. Chips

The author recalls an inspiring English teacher—and recounts the gruesome gaslighting that ended with his murder

Cocaine Diaries

On posh Brits and their unending love for the Colombian marching powder

Meet Jesse Cohn, the Gordon Gekko for Millennial Brahs

Attention C.E.O.’s of America: Do not ignore him

Golden Head

Whodunit? A $6 million toilet is stolen from Churchill’s ancestral home

Very High and Drying

The little-known “third pole,” in Asia’s high peaks, is one of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth

The View from Here

Take the Money

Protest criminality, not charity, says the former head of Lincoln Center

Lady Hale, Boris Johnson, and the Spider Brooch

The president of the U.K.’s Supreme Court tells the prime minister what’s what, and creates a legion of fans

My Month of Rest and Relaxation

In Asia’s posh postpartum hotels, new mothers are pampered while newborns are sequestered in the nursery

She Worked Hard for His Money

Will Boris Johnson’s relationship with a pole-dancing American model who appeared in Naughty @ 40 lead him to prison?

Stately Hellhole

In a 100-room Palladian palace, the Marquess of Hertford makes his son sleep on an air mattress

The View from Here

Protest or Die?

Extinction Rebellion argues that radical, mass nonviolent civil disobedience is the only way to change current climate policies. On October 7, they’re going global

They Shoot Horses

For the Stronach family, the fallout from the recent horse deaths at their Santa Anita racetrack is only part of a larger family feud with echoes of King Lear and Succession

Dirndl Power

Behind the beer-soaked scenes at the corporate-networking extravaganza known as Oktoberfest

The View from Here

A $450 Million Snub