While it’s strange to think of women such as Ivanka Trump, Lara Trump, and Meghan Markle slumming it after giving birth, one only needs to look at the postpartum practices across Asian countries to start to feel just a wee bit sorry for the uncoddled American mothers who are expected to return to fighting form almost immediately. According to Instagram, the public (and often judgmental) diary of modern motherhood, Lara Trump was back on a horse less than a month after giving birth to her daughter. (She even appeared downright ecstatic about this development.) In 2016, a little more than week after giving birth to her third child, Theodore, Ivanka Trump was back on the campaign trail stumping for her father at a Long Island rally. After the arrival of her first child, Arabella, she also only took a week off and seemed puzzled, according to a former employee, about the necessity and value of maternity leave. Even the well-heeled Americans who enlist 24-7 baby nurses to the tune of $350 to $400 a day are usually focused almost exclusively on the baby. In fact, it’s hardly uncommon for the mother to fuss over the dietary preferences of the hired help.

Contrast that with Asia, where many upper-crust women in posh neighborhoods check into postpartum hotels. These aren’t cutting-edge wellness establishments that promise a return of one’s pre-baby body in just a few short weeks. These post-natal centers provide luxurious services and accommodations, often under medical supervision, for women who want to observe some part of the rest period that is commonly practiced in Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, and other parts of the region.