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Michael Maor

Holocaust survivor who joined the Mossad and helped convict Adolf Eichmann

Swamp Creature

Forgotten but not gone, Scott Pruitt, the disgraced former E.P.A. chief, is still shilling for coal

Class Clown

How Boris Johnson uses education and privilege to taunt the toffs and play to the yobs

Glock Party

Celebrities flock to fête the inventor of a killer handgun

The Summer of Over-Tourism

Seemingly Everywhere

The View from Here

He Makes the Tourists Run on Time


Burning Mad


It Was a Week for …

The China Syndrome

Rebels armed with apps, grocery-bag ties, and surfboard shields

She Gives Us Paws


Bier There, Done That


Advantage, Nadal


Gentleman Trawler

Pierre Casiraghi squires teenage eco-warrior Greta Thunberg to New York on his zero-emission boat

Have Gall, Will Travel

Tom Price tries to raid his former congressional campaign’s coffers

“He Was the Spirit of Musical Theater. Irreplaceable.”

Hal Prince, as remembered by his longtime choreographer Pat Birch

The View from Here

A New Panda Reserve


No Olive Alive?


Workers of the World, Recreate


The PG-Spot

The author knows ethical porn when she sees it

Last Sackler Standing

Joss Sackler wants her clothing line to be the next great fashion brand. But does anyone want to buy what the Sacklers are selling?

Dubai What I Say,
Not as I Do

The jilted ruler of the Arab state demands happiness by fiat

Lawrence of Suburbia