If you haven’t tried our Arts Intel Report (AIR), you really should. My family and I were in France for a good part of 2018, and in our travels it was incredibly time-consuming to find out what was happening in the cities we planned to visit. It was with this in mind that AIR was built—and it is, to the best of my knowledge, the first such cultural search engine. You can search by the art or artistic activity you’re interested in and the date and place. We cover more than 490 institutions in 150 cities, and we’re adding new institutions and cities every month. Do take a moment to explore on it. It couldn’t be easier. If you’ve shopped online or used Google, you’re up to speed. And it’s only available to AIR MAIL subscribers.

The A-Team

AIR is edited and guided by Laura Jacobs, a gifted writer and critic covering fashion and dance whom I worked with for years at Vanity Fair. She has a team of editors and writers under her, including Julia Vitale, Elena Clavarino, and Clementine Ford, as well as a crew of specialists who are authorities in their field. Every day our researchers check in on diverse cities around the world for exciting exhibitions and performances. What commands their attention? “World premieres, rare programming, casts that include performers at the top of their game, and emerging talent,” according to Laura. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to travel, AIR will give you a feel for what’s happening in the rest of the world. If you areplanning a trip somewhere—even a two-day business trip—you’d be crazy not to check this out.