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The Sex App Ferly, the digital platform that tells you everything you wanted to know about libido and “self-pleasure”

Last Call In his new venture, Exit Here, Oliver Peyton brings his velvet-rope, nightlife-impresario approach to the funeral business

Outsourcing the Holidays Why go to the trouble of decorating when these enterprising entrepreneurs will handle the heavy lifting?

Sisters in Arms Why are young British women volunteering to fight and die alongside the Kurds?

Impostor Syndrome German businessman who posed as an anti-Nazi martyr was actually a Hitler loyalist and wartime profiteer

Village Idiot A dot-com entrepreneur is reviled as he tries to restore his ancestral village in Devon in the style of Silicon Valley

Stranger Things Is Happening In London, obsessive fans of the show can now live in Hawkins, Indiana—and follow in the steps of Mike, Dustin, and the gang

The Blinder Side The author of Moneyball and Liar’s Poker wants to take on climate change, but cannot find the right antihero to champion

Imperial Japan’s Last Casualty General Shiba Goro did not fight in World War II, but he chose to die for it

It’s a Wonderful Strife Brits are battling over which is better: a department store’s costly Christmas ad or a modest one for a small family-owned shop. Vote here to settle the dispute

Instagrinch All she wants for Christmas is for you to stop sharing. Now

“How Do I Sew a Button On?” For Gen Z: the hottest college trend? “Adulting” classes, where kids learn skills Mommy and Daddy forgot to teach them

The Speed Demons of Medellín “Gravity biking,” a wild sport in which teenage boys hurtle down steep streets on bicycles at 70 m.p.h., is taking over Colombia

All Woke and No Play Academics retaliate against P.C. censorship terrorists with panic buttons

Boris’s Bunny Boiler The British P.M.’s onetime American friend Jennifer Arcuri wants to publish diaries detailing their trysts and telephone calls

Villa Envy Foreigners can buy a village town house in Sicily for the price of an espresso. And get a tax cut

Letter from Cairo In Egypt, a bad feeling about what the fallout from the Soleimani assassination might bring

Goops! The marketing of Gwyneth’s genitalia

Design for Assisted Living Sweden’s Queen Silvia and Ikea team up to create pre-fab, low-cost apartments for older people, including those with dementia

Putin on the Ritz To understand Russia’s leader, go back to Stalin

Gail Sheehy, 1937—2020 We are honored to have published her letter from Cuba earlier this year

For-Profit Feminism Who’s really making a killing from the quest for workplace equality?