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Issue No. 29

The View from Here

Amid all the horrifying developments of the past week—coronavirus, the death of Kobe Bryant, the Kushner-Trump “peace plan” for the Middle East—there was one especially chilling bit of news…

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For-Profit Feminism Who’s really making a killing from the quest for workplace equality?

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Small Talk
“Let the record show the defendant pleads, ‘O.K., boomer.’”

Is Paris Fuming? Oui! Our expat in France reports on life during nationwide strikes, now in their third month

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So, Who Is She? She’s Misha Nonoo, socialite fashion designer. And in some ways she’s eclipsed her bestie, Meghan Markle

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Small Talk
“O.K., he looks pretty stable—switch the middle screen back to the Super Bowl.”

Elle Accuse! Protesters vow to disrupt France’s Oscars after Polanski is nominated for his Dreyfus film

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Gods Among Men At Hermès, designer Véronique Nichanian elevates classic men’s wear into the stuff of legend

Ballet Chic

I have always loved ballet. Cherished childhood lessons grew into an infatuation thanks to the international stars I saw perform during my teens. Adult demands, however, redirected my energies toward business, and then fashion history, and my ardor for ballet slumbered. For decades, my eyes skimmed over the midcentury evening dresses—fitted satin bodices, voluminous tulle skirts—that filled the fashion editorials and museum costume collections I studied in depth. Quietly these beautiful images and garments assembled themselves in my subconscious. About three years ago, I began to ponder how modern fashion came to appropriate these elements of the classical ballerina’s raiment. And why? READ ON

New York City Ballet principal dancer Lauren Lovette models a ballerina dress and shoes by Victor de Souza. An exhibition exploring the influence of ballet on fashion opens on February 11 at the Museum at F.I.T., in New York.

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Smokin’! Coming off A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper will portray Leonard Bernstein in a Spielberg-and-Scorsese-backed production

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Must-See Events

London Calling The son of the nanny who was murdered by Lord Lucan claims he has found the believed-dead aristocrat alive

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Eye to Eyck

It’s the defining artwork of the Catholic Church (according to George Clooney’s character in the 2014 movie The Monuments Men) and as great a work of art as any ever stowed in a salt mine for safekeeping. It is endlessly scrutinized and never wholly comprehended. It’s a cabinet of curiosities, both for the ingenuity of its construction—a set of painted panels unfolding to reveal another set within—and for the way it embodies the career of the enigmatic artist who made it. It is the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, completed in Ghent in 1432, and the focus of a new show there, “Van Eyck: An Optical Revolution.” READ ON

Jan van Eyck is Ghent’s theme of 2020, and the Museum voor Schone Kunsten exhibition, opening today and featuring the 1432 Ghent altarpiece, is a big part of the celebration.

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Small Talk
“There’s a sexual favor in it for you if you don’t utter the word ‘impeachment.’”

Sex (Time) Machine A new history of sex reveals tales of Clarice Clatterbollocks, testicle thefts, and women keeping live fish in their knickers

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Films for Discerning Audiences

The best movies never get made. Time to put a stop to that
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Xi’s Millennial Problem Decades into China’s economic boom, the country’s young artists are suddenly reckoning with a government that’s switched gears

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Open Book

L.A. Confidential When it comes to Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s, Andee Nathanson was to photography what Eve Babitz was to literature, recording the exploding scene from within. A new book of her photographs illustrates that golden age

Claire Tomalin Recommends four books spanning three centuries

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The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood

by Sam Wasson
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The Collector of Leftover Souls

by Eliane Brum
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A House in the Mountains

by Caroline Moorehead
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Small Talk
“Canada geese.”

On Topics The millennial novelist Miranda Popkey has more to say about #MeToo than you can fit in a hashtag

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Gail Sheehy, 1937—2020 We are honored to have published her letter from Cuba earlier this year

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Small Talk
“I’m only going to worry if they start getting smaller again.”
View With a Room

Rajasthan, Reborn Emerging from an inspired restoration, Deeppura Garh is once again welcoming guests to experience the heart and soul of the region

“This is a corner of my apartment in New York. I painted it for David Hockney’s Christmas present in December. The cigarette case was a gift from David, and the pillow on the right alludes to our mutual admiration of Picasso.”
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Issue No. 29
February 1, 2020
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Issue No. 29
February 1, 2020

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