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Cocaine Diaries On posh Brits and their unending love for the Colombian marching powder

The Handmaid’s Kale Western feminists make the misogyny in Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments all about them

Lady Hale, Boris Johnson, and the Spider Brooch The president of the U.K.’s Supreme Court tells the prime minister what’s what, and creates a legion of fans

Take the Money Protest criminality, not charity, says the former head of Lincoln Center

My Month of Rest and Relaxation In Asia’s posh postpartum hotels, new mothers are pampered while newborns are sequestered in the nursery

Dirndl Power Behind the beer-soaked scenes at the corporate-networking extravaganza known as Oktoberfest

She Worked Hard for His Money Will Boris Johnson’s relationship with a pole-dancing American model who appeared in Naughty @ 40 lead him to prison?

Me and My Shadow Lost without the Instagram Following tab

Boris Johnson’s Ishtar The British prime minister’s hitherto undiscovered and very un-woke movie treatment

From Russia with Something Other than Love Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once his nation’s richest man, spent a decade in a Siberian prison. Still, he has a great laugh

The Playing Fields of Money The Swiss school that charges around $130,000 a year to raise the future global elite

Hiding in Plain Sight A trove of Hitler artifacts in Argentina shows just how many Nazis escaped justice after the war

The #MeToo Minefield In The Problem with Everything, Meghan Daum finds herself caught in the middle of the culture wars

Marking Their Territory Thanks to the tech crowd, San Francisco is now home to more dogs than children—and the city is forever changed

Speak, Memory. Faster! Are you smart enough to compete in the European Quizzing Championships?

Unbuild the Wall The night they drove old Deutschland down

“What Ho, Sergei!” Rich Russian family advertises for a butler who can shimmer like Jeeves

Why Do Rich People Love to Shoplift? A week before he was busted for petty larceny at Kmart, a man had paid $8 million for an island in the Florida Keys