Have you ever become so obsessed with a television show that you wish you could be transported to its fictional world, walk along its streets and hang out with the characters? If, like so much of the TV-watching planet, the show is Stranger Things, then Secret Cinema has made this fantasy come true.

Launched in 2007 by Fabien Riggall, Secret Cinema has created extravagant immersive experiences for a bundle of popular films, including Blade Runner, The Third Man and Casino Royale. Its outlandish productions blur the line between film and theatre: elaborate sets and mingling actors draw you into the world of a movie before you’re led through it to a screening. “When you watch a play, actors on stage perform at you, but at Secret Cinema they perform with you,” says Riggall. “You’re given the chance to perform back to them and become part of the story. The film comes alive around you.”

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