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The Little Old Lady Who Enjoyed Murdering People

After Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the world’s most widely published author

Nothing to See Here

The author of a new biography on the Dalai Lama demystifies the leader’s unassuming stoicism

Murder, They Wrote

Talk of the Town

All Good Things …

Murder Is Her Muse

Writer Sarah Phelps is shocking Agatha Christie purists—and re-inventing the genre

Casey Cep

Harper Lee’s biographer recommends the most revolutionary books in the genre

Allies on Wheels

Novels for the Quarantine

The season’s must-read fiction, from Hilary Mantel’s final Cromwell volume to Lawrence Wright’s book about a killer virus taking over the world. Yes, you read that right.

Erik Larson

From Hemingway to Nancy Drew: for the writer, inspiration comes in many forms

Surfin’ U.S.A.

Before commercialism and branding caught up with the sport, it was just about riding waves. A new book conveys the spirit of 70s surf culture

The Road to Nazism

Painted Ladies

Child’s Play

Robert Stone’s biographer pieced together the novelist’s life by delving into his early years


Nonfiction Books for the Quarantine

What to read this season, including memoirs by Woody Allen and Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

A book showcasing exquisite drawings both ancient and modern captures our evergreen relationship with mapping the world

Good Place, Bad Place

Death by Committee

Murder, They Wrote

Some Things Never Change

The author of a book on the Black Death reflects on how little human nature has evolved since that crisis

Jan Morris’s Diary

Kvetch, Memory

Seven Score and Fifteen Years Ago …

The author of a new book on Lincoln’s second inaugural address captures the country at a historic crossroads