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Working Girl

After Ari, Jackie O spent 20 years in book publishing. A friend of hers remembers that largely overlooked time

Catch Him if You Can

Calder Complex

“My fan mail is enormous—everybody is under six”: on the American sculptor’s complicated relationship with his admirers

Sliding Doors

In her new novel, Curtis Sittenfeld reimagines the life of Hillary without Bill

Commune of the Flies

Six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months. It turned out very differently than William Golding’s terrifying novel

Open Sesame

Old Bones, New Tricks

Seeing Double

How a doppelgänger foiled a secret Nazi plot to shoot a plane carrying precious cargo out of the sky

Death in London

Murder, They Wrote

Re-Inventing His Spiel

The Radcliffe Five

Call Him “Mr. President”

Behind the doors of the Élysée Palace

Putin’s Provocateurs

Cyber Castoffs

A visual history of computers that are gone but not forgotten

Rock the Boat

On Shirley Hazzard

The Family Jewels

A writer’s secret history spans a century, two world wars, and countless precious artworks

The Wandering Jews

All the Rage

Life Under Mao

Wild Nights—Wild Life!

She wanted to make her family proud, and she wanted to be famous: Emily Dickinson’s biographer reveals the poet’s fiery character

Murder, They Wrote

The Way Things Were

A look back at the debauched inner workings of 80s-era Oxford social life