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The Talented Mrs. Highsmith One hundred years after Patricia Highsmith’s birth, the Talented Mr. Ripley author’s life and work remain as appealing as ever. What’s her secret?

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The Nanny Diaries Kiley Reid worked as a babysitter in New York before fictionalizing her experience for the page. The resulting novel explores racism and liberal hypocrisy

Big Little Life Fans remember him as the boisterous R&B singer. But Little Richard had a complicated personal life—and leaves a profound legacy

Race Against the Clock The story behind J.F.K.’s 1960 victory is inextricably tied to M.L.K., his imprisonment, and the Kennedy team that helped free him

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A Place in the Sun A new book of design explores modern desert houses around the world, from Marfa to Valparaíso

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Short List Books to read this week, from histories of China and Hitler’s warships to an investigation into U.S. involvement in Afghanistan

Mob Rule A new documentary tracks the rise and fall of Vincenzo Muccioli, a well-intentioned rehab founder turned cult leader, Italian-style

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Air Supply

The Domestic Power Broker AIR MAIL editor at large Laura de Gunzburg shops the globe to deliver stylish appointments for the home office, dining room, and beyond. You can be confident that these items will set the stage for an enviable remote-work environment


The Mind of a Killer A year after Fotis Dulos took his own life, a writer retraces his steps on the day his wife, Jennifer, vanished

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